Foldylock Compact Folding Bike Lock

The Foldylock Compact is a premium folding bike lock features the perfect mix between protection, weight, and design.

The Compact is made of six hardened steel links over-molded by a reinforced-military graded-UV treated polymer. It makes it both “friendly” to your bike’s paint job and protected against the elements – so it will maintain its fresh look for a very long time. It is constructed from anti drilling-hardened-rust free components, so it is built to resist the most violent abuse as well as to withstand extreme weather in the harshest environments.

The Compact unfolds to an 80 cm (Approx. 31.5 Inches) and weighs only 1KG (2.2Lbs), It is easily carried in a designated case mounted onto the bike’s frame and long enough to lock your bike frame and one of the wheels to an external object. The case can be mounted to a bike frame using the bottle holder fixing screws or with two specially designed straps. The case has a rattle free mechanism to prevent your lock from shaking while riding, so you will enjoy a silent ride. It is, by far, the strongest folding lock you can find if you consider its weight, looks and function.

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