Flirting Up In the Sky


Airlines around the world have been pulling out all the stops to make sure their customers’ every need is fulfilled. Our favorite would have to be the fully-equipped bar on Virgin Airline’s flights. Now, there is an entirely new aspect to having an on-board bar that will surely grab your attention. If you happen to be one of the lucky passengers on Virgin Airlines, you will be able to use the plane’s touch-screen entertainment system to flirt with that cute stranger who happened to have caught your eye. You know there is always that person on the flight you wish you were seated next to. Now, you can make sure you leave the flight with a date without even leaving your seat. The flight’s seat-to-seat delivery feature lets passengers order food or drinks and pay by credit card, and then send it over to any seat number. They can even follow it with a flirty text message.

Virgin America’s new ‘flirting’ service means you could leave the flight with a date [Gizmodiva]