FALCORE New Racing Drone with Wireless Streaming HD Video

Drone racing is one of the fastest growing sports/hobbies in the world. Now, drones come equipped with cameras allowing for First Person Video (FPV) flight, having the pilot strap on goggles and fly the drone from a bird’s eye view. However, most of the links between the cameras and goggles have lower video quality, and lag which can make drones difficult to fly.

Amimon, a leader in zero latency wireless HD video, is bringing its patented technology to the world of Drones. The company is launching its new racing drone FALCORE, an FPV racing drone, providing a true HD visual flying experience for drone pilots. With Amimon’s wireless HD tech, drone pilots will be able to fly their drones with FPV goggles with zero latency in the video.

  1. 12 months ago