Many cities around the world — from New York City to Buenos Aires — are investing more in bike share systems as a form of public transportation. But the bikes don’t come with helmets, so riders must either bring their own — which can be cumbersome to carry around — or go without.

A new invention, called the EcoHelmet, may offer a solution. Made of paper, the device is collapsible, and is designed with bike share programs in mind.

On November 17, inventor Isis Shiffer won the 2016 International James Dyson Award, a prestigious design accolade given to university students, for the helmet design. Shiffer imagines the helmets could be sold in vending machines near bike share stations for $5 each.

The helmet also has a biodegradable coating that makes it resistant to light rain for up to three hours, and it’s recyclable, so used helmets could potentially be turned into new ones.

This recyclable paper bike helmet just won a prestigious design award [Business Insider]

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