DogWatch: A Smart Collar for Dogs


Pet owners are always forgetting to feed their pets at specific times or give them water when the bowl is empty, but what if you knew exactly when your dog needed food or when its water had run out.

DogWatch is a concept for a dog collar that can detect when the water in your dog’s bowl is getting low  by sensing water levels of the bowl while your dog drinks water. The data recorded by this device will be sent to your computer or to your smart phone, where the DogWatch app will help turn the data into relevant information to help you take better care of your dog. The DogWatch collar will also detect your dog’s eating habits, and recommend the correct time to feed your dog to stick with your dog’s habits. DogWatch will also monitor your dog’s movement and find the dog’s general exercise pattern. When the pattern is broken, DogWatch will inform you of the discrepancy and recommend that you take your dog for a walk or have him/her checked out at the local vet.

DogWatch will be easy to attach to your dog and it won’t be irritating for the dog in any way. The device will be durable and able to go in water. The communication between the collar and your app will require a wifi connection, but the collar will have a small hard drive to store data for when you aren’t in wifi range. Therefore, when you come back into the range of your wifi the data that is stored on the collar will be sent to the app for analysis.

DogWatch will be a great way for busy pet owners to be able to care for their pet without letting the worrying get in the way with their work. If you have the smartphone app you can even play on Virgin Casino while you wait for the app’s data to update. DogWatch will be an innovation in the way interact with our animals, it will allow us to know their needs without them having to communicate their needs with us.

  1. 4 years ago