Dashboards Monitoring Apps and Strategies to Increase Productivity for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs


Many would-be entrepreneurs bolt out of the gate with excitement when it comes to setting up their new ecommerce business, only to find that the business fizzles out after only a few months. It’s important to find ways to manage your business and stay on task, so that you can create and fulfil orders in the most productive manner.

Use the Right Dashboard Tools

A centralized analytics dashboard will allow you to manage your content, and assistance with marketing and analytics to get your business off the ground. Investing in the right dashboard productivity and monitoring tools will help you stay focused and productive in the initial setup and on-going maintenance of your new business.

Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard app that helps you easily monitor your business data from one place. Cyfe is integrated to multiple websites and online services like like Google Analytics, Facebook, allowing you to monitor any updates in business and receive real time data. Some of the custom dashboards that an e-commerce entrepreneur can develop with Cyfe include:

  • Startup Dashboard – Keep track of new subscriptions, downloads and traffic real time at one glance.
  • Marketing Dashboard –Monitor all your marketing channels like Google Analytics, GetResponse, Salesforce, Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter in one single platform.
  • Client Dashboard –Impress clients with efficient client reporting by keeping track of their analytics data

Manage your Inventory in Categories and Generate Reports

The layout of your online catalogue and inventory is extremely important. Not only will well-organized merchandise be easier for your customers to browse through and find what they’re looking for, but it will also be easier for you to manage. The top dashboard monitoring software such as Cyfe will help you with this task, allowing you to extract from popular services like Google and Salesforce through the use of pre-built widgets and manage your inventory better. Any party can also make good use of the reports extracted real time to analyse the data available.

Tap Advances in Ecommerce Widgets

Advances in technology are what allow more and more home entrepreneurs to run their own ecommerce widgets with ease and convenience. For example, using an ecommerce website builder is a great way to get started with creating a new website. This type of software provides the ecommerce web hosting you need. You can also expect to have access to website templates and ecommerce shopping tools.

The entrepreneur can also implement custom widgets to simplify business processes. Customisable widgets allow you to efficiently extract out reports and relevant data in a user friendly way. You can report to your boss with the most updated data without much hassle. Not to worry about the large amounts of data you would like to transfer for analysis as Cyfe aims to solve this problem with the availability of useful dashboards and pulling data straight from CSV files or pushing data in using the Push API.

Find a Product you Love

There are several factors to take into consideration when you’re first choosing the inventory to fill your online shop. On one hand, you’ll want to think about which industries are showing growth and what will sell to your target demographic. Yet it’s also important to set up an ecommerce store that you’ll be happy to run, with a product you feel enthusiastic about. This will make you far more likely to put strong effort into it and enjoy your work. It’s helpful to remember that in ecommerce shops, you can sell physical products as well as services, and even virtual products such as digital artwork or books.

Create a Work Schedule

If working from home or running your own business is a new concept to you, it can be difficult to determine how you are going to manage your project efficiently. Setting up a work schedule with daily tasks and to-do lists is a good way to stay on top of your shop. You can set up instant notifications and email alerts when new sales are made, which will allow you to ship your products more efficiently. It’s recommended to work on building your website every day, whether it’s managing new blog content, reaching out to clients through social media avenues, or searching for new inventory to stock your shop. With small daily strides, you can start building an online empire.