Crowdfunding Making Cool Business Ideas A Reality

Crowdfunding Making Cool Business Ideas A Reality

The concept of crowdfunding has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. The idea that individuals can network and pool their resources is now being applied to a number of areas.

In terms of figures, crowdfunding campaigns managed to raise $2.8 billion in 2012. The fame of crowdfunding has also reached Hollywood where two movie projects (Veronica Mars and Wish I Were Here) raised $5.7 and $3 million respectively on Kickstarter.

The JOBS act signed by the Obama administration now allows small companies to sell shares over crowdfunding platforms. Click here to learn more banking predictions with respect to finance deals.

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are among the main crowdfunding platforms available. Below are some of the cool business ideas that are being funded, and may encourage you to start one of your own.

Contributors can pay via multiple sources but my advice is to use a rewards card so that you can get something extra in return. For example, on this site you can find rewards cards that will give you miles to put towards travel. Such cards allow you to contribute to funding and receive rewards at the same time, so you save money while helping to fund a cool project.

Sound Band- The headset without speakers

This is an innovative idea that has obtained $80,971 in funding as of now. The pledged goal is of $175,000. The idea is to make a wireless headset that won’t require any speakers.

It has a unique mix of design and technologies through which the user can leave the ears open to the world around them, delivering sound at the same time.

Range: The Smart Cook

Range is a wonderful concept that would let you make a fabulous beer, smoke the perfect side of ribs, make tasty chocolate truffles and so much more. Range is a 6 inch rounded probe that takes the luck factor out of cooking and converts it into science. It can be hooked up to an iDevice and monitors the temperature of the food perfectly.

The project has already raised $71,308 and the pledged amount is $90,000. With Range, you can become a professional at kitchen craft without having to fret over your cooking.

Ubuntu Edge: The next generation of personal computing

This is one project that has made headlines since the last few weeks. The campaign is being run on IndieGoGo and has already managed to raise $7,812,909 out of the goal of $32,000,000.

Ubuntu Edge is a smartphone that would double as a PC and runs Android OS in addition to Ubuntu. The idea since its launch on the crowdfunding platform has broken all sorts of records. If the funding spree goes as expected, the phone would be unleashed in May 2014.

Fuel3D: Handheld 3D scanner

Talk about creativity and how it has been achieved with this Fuel3D handheld scanner. The real catch is that after getting funded, it would be available for a price tag under $1,000. The Kickstarter campaign has been really successful and they have raised $80,000 against a pledged goal of $75,000.

Majority of handheld scanners costs more than $15,000, so his is a major achievement.

Canary: smart home security device

Canary is a cool surveillance system for home owners and everything is ‘housed’ in a small device. It has a HD video camera and numerous sensors that can gauge a number of parameters. The campaign has already raised $979,024 out of the proposed goal of $100,000 on IndieGoGo.

The smart security system can be controlled via a smartphone. Smart alerts can be set up and the system provides a cost effective way to remain secure.

Most of these cool business ideas are soon going to become a reality. Do you have an innovative idea that can attract funds through crowdfunding? Feel free to share your views.

Article contributed by Jenna Smith