Cool Search Engines

search engine land: Move over Google, Yahoo, and Bing; blended results or not, personalized search, Twitter results and OneBoxes … you guys are just too predictable for this article. There’s a new breed of search engines out there, and they’re letting users search and find some utterly crazy stuff. And by “crazy,” I mean a lot of things: unique, cool, awesome, and downright strange. Sometimes all of the above. A search engine that lets you find (and buy) discontinued soda pop? Check. A search engine that helps you find cheap items so you can get free shipping? Sure! A search engine to locate misspelled eBay and Craigslist items? Got one of those, too. Looking for dead zones in cellular coverage? Read on.

Call ‘em what you want: strange, cool, unusual, bizarre, you name it. These aren’t your traditional search engines, that’s for sure. Here’s a list of 8 of what we think are the crazy-coolest search engines on the web. (Oh, and with a bonus entry at the end). 

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8 Crazy-Cool Search Engines You Should Know [search engine land]