ClaimCompass Startup for Air Passengers on Delayed and Cancelled Flights

ClaimCompass – the startup, which makes sad passengers less sad by helping them get up to $680 from the airline when their flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked – has become the latest, first and only Bulgarian addition to Dave McClure’s infamous 500 Startups.
Tatyana, co-founder and CEO of ClaimCompass, says that out of the 22 million passengers who are legally entitled to compensation because of disrupted flights, less than 5% end up receiving it. That is mainly because they are either unaware of their rights, or because the airlines make it practically impossible to get their money by creating endless bureaucratic loops, and offering very poor customer service. With an average compensation of $430 and a 25%
success-based commission, ClaimCompass’ tech solution is chasing after a $2.3b market.
ClaimCompass helps air passengers receive their deserved compensation for delayed, canceled or overbooked flights.

We have experience in European aviation law and take note of the newest development in the legal practice of the relevant EU bodies and national courts. We use our expert knowledge in EU aviation law and our access to databases with relevant flight information to build a strong case against the air company that refuses to pay. We try to settle the compensation dispute outside the courtroom by overtaking the communication with the airline and mediating between it and our customer. If the airline still refuses to grant the compensation although the situation of the passenger falls under the scope of the EU Regulation, we take the case to court and represent our customer. Because your rights as a passenger matter.