Circular Economy Through Horse Manure

Fortum HorsePower service resolves your stable’s bedding and manure maintenance in an inexpensive, environmentally sound way.

?Fortum has launched a circular economy service with a concept that combines horse stables, power plants and bedding management. The concept is an example of a circular economy solution, which will provide more local jobs and activities.

Horse manure is a growing problem for horse stables. It is not allowed to deposit biodegradable waste at a landfill or to utilise such waste in earthworks. Manure is no longer allowed to be spread on sloping fields either.

The service is first implemented in the vicinity of Fortum’s Järvenpää power plant. In this area, there are enough horses for more extensive operations, too. “There are about 77,000 horses in Finland and the majority of them are located where people are, i.e. in southern Finland or close to large cities. HorsePower increases the use of local biofuels, and people can continue their hobby or profession at a sensible distance from where they live”, says Anssi Paalanen, HorsePower expert at Fortum.

“The best ideas are just like this – we wonder why this has not been done before. The more I have discussed the concept with different parties, the better it feels”, says Heli Antila, CTO of Fortum.???

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