Chicken Rice and Laksa Flavoured Potato Chips

When we heard F.EAST was coming out with Hainanese Chicken Rice and Singapore Laksa flavoured potato chips, we rushed over to buy some from their launch today at Raffles Xchange. Battling our way through the crowd, we managed to snag the last bag of Singapore Laksa($3) and a bag of the Hainanese Chicken Rice ($3).

Both chips look almost the same, except the Singapore Laksa has more of a reddish colour (as expected). When we tried, we found that while the Singapore Laksa has that lemak flavour, it was very salty and we couldn’t really taste the laksa flavour. At first bite it’s a mix of sour and salt, with the sour providing that small connection to traditional laksa.

With Singapore’s love of chicken rice, we had high hopes for the Hainanese Chicken Rice. There was definitely a strong taste of ginger with a hint of sesame oil and it was less salty than the Singapore Laksa. With both chips, the flavours fade quite quickly and we couldn’t connect the flavours to what they were supposed to be.

With that being said, this is a new brand and it’s always good to see local companies being innovative. We can’t wait to see how they improve on their flavours and also, with the other flavours they may come up with. Nasi Lemak, Chilli Crab and Char Kway Teow perhaps?

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