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10 May 2017

Beer From Recycled Bread

I’ve always known food waste is a moral and environmental issue, but seeing it ranked as the third most important climate solution for the next three decades has me reevaluating my priorities. But what should I do
8 May 2017

Self Healing Potholes

It’s no secret that potholes are a huge pain in India. While we may grumble that it’s because of cheap building materials or inefficient labor, the truth is that roads just naturally decay over time. But now,
6 Apr 2017

OutoBot Painter

An innovative robotic system that can clean building exteriors using water jets or give new coats of paint is now ready to serve customers in Singapore. It is co-developed by local pioneer in automated controls and biometric
28 Dec 2015

Cable Organizer

A cluttered desk makes for an uninspiring workday. Clean up the tangled cords around your workspace with this Cable Organizer, which securely holds a wide-range of wires between its grid of flexible knobs. With an adhesive back