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9 Jan 2018

Customizable Autonomous Transportation

The auto industry continues to change, especially in urban environments that are seeking new, more efficient ways to keep people moving. Toyota’s e-Palette concept is essentially an autonomous, electric bus that can be customized for different needs
7 Jan 2018

Making Water Potable Again

The ability to transform contaminated water into safe drinking water has advantages all around the world: for backpacking trips, in impoverished countries, and in the wake of natural disasters. LifeStraw‘s mission has always been to provide clean drinking
6 Jan 2018

Innovative Tetra Shed Hotel

Years ago, the modular Tetra Shed took the design world by storm with its beautiful angular design. Today, the award-winning concept has been reborn as a full-scale hotel. Using David Ajasa-Adekunle’s original shed concept as a guide, Studio X designed the futuristic Tetra Hotel as a series of autonomous diamond-shaped
2 Jan 2018

The Future Of Transport Costs

PAYING FOR TRANSPORTATION Whether you drive, take public transportation, or a combination of both, you’re likely familiar with paying for tolls, parking, tickets, and many of the other aspects integral to modern transportation. This could change with
21 Dec 2017

Fancy Staying In a Sugar Mills?

An abandoned sugar mill in China has transformed into a new resort hotel. Vector Architects was able to use much of the refinery’s old structure and repurposed them into the new Alila Yangshuo hotel. The end result is
20 Dec 2017

Bus Beds For Night Time Commuters

Commuters could soon be taken home in the early hours of the morning on an ultra-luxurious night bus – fitted with BEDS. High-tech sleep brand Simba is creating a home away from home for commuters who travel late at
30 Nov 2017

Vespa Elettrica in 2018

At the 75th International Cycle and Motorcycle Show (EICMA), The Piaggio Group — the Italian motorcycle maker behind the classic Vespa — finally revealed the initial design and details for its planned electric scooter. Dubbed the Vespa Elettrica (which is simply
28 Nov 2017

Podbike Bridging Gap Between Bikes And Cars

Podbike was invented to help bridge the gap between bikes and cars. This innovation brings together the best of both worlds by creating a closed vehicle environment that combines human power with electric assistance. The design was made
27 Nov 2017

Seatylock Gel

Seatylock Gel is a wide structured seat, combined with orthopedic medium-density foam and integrated with two special compound Gel pads. So riding a bike with the Seatylock Gel is a relaxing and comfortable experience. Seatylock is a patented
13 Nov 2017

Standup Varibike Full Body Scooter Bike

The invention of the “Standup Varibike” is diverse and somehow brilliant. Probably no other outdoor sports equipment offers that much variety, flexibility and fun. In addition, it is convenient for getting around like a scooter. However, it