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24 Jan 2006

Astronaut Miles Frequent flyer miles will for the first time be good beyond this planet, based on a new offering from Virgin Atlantic airways and its space-related sister company Virgin Galactic. Flying Club members will be able to
23 Jan 2006


Italy Magazine: We are sure this happens to everyone all the time. You find yourself in Rome – just have a couple of hours at your disposal – and are not sure whether to spend them in
7 Jan 2006

Cars, Many Years From Now

The Independent: Fine. I’m feeling absolutely fine, because the jet lag has worn off and I’m at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. Honda is feeling fine, too. “Fine Technology, Fine Times, Feel FINE!” is its motor show
6 Dec 2005

Social Networking in the Sky

BusinessWeek: Airline flights are one of the few situations where you find yourself wedged against a total stranger for hours at a time. It might as well be someone you like. With that in mind, a new
11 Oct 2005

Pet Friendly Vehicle

Popgadget: The W.O.W. Concept, which stands for “wonderful openhearted wagon,” features a special crate for dogs in the glove apartment to allow owners to interact with their pets on the road. A bigger crate pops up from
10 Oct 2005

Mom ’n’ Baby Hikes

Iconoculture: Moms and babies head for the hills with Colorado Mountain Mamas hiking club. The group helps new moms get back on the trails – with baby on board. Each hike is led by an experienced guide
26 Sep 2005

Chariot Racing

Iconoculture: What it lacks in Russell Crowe, it makes up for in authenticity. Visitors to Jerash, Jordan, can watch the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE) – an authentic reenactment of Roman chariot races staged in a
16 Sep 2005

Truck Drivers Agency

Western People: A Ballina man who is already one of the most successful businessmen in the West of Ireland is embarking on a new venture to match potential employers with qualified drivers who are available for work.
7 Sep 2005

Convertible and Coupé

999 Today: Come rain or shine, the all new Volvo C70 convertible that also doubles as a coupé, is set to make its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month. Thanks to a unique three-piece
18 Aug 2005

Parking Space

Iconoculture: Reservations and convenience services widen the range of possibilities for those who use pedal power. Why fight the crowd at the bike rack? Clancy Systems International’s Bicycle Parking Network allows bikers to use their cellphones to