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9 Sep 2004

Life-saving Car Alarm

Mark Pelletier, a master electrician working for a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Minnesota, has invented a car alarm that may be able to save the lives of the dozens of children who die due to hyperthermia each
9 Sep 2004

Tiny Dots That Protect Your Car

You have paid thousands of hard-earned dollars for your dream car. If some evil car thieves stole it, it would be a surprise if you don’t blow up like a volcano. Thanks to DataDots, if this ever
1 Aug 2004

Keeping Fit While Flying

If you often use your road warrior lifestyle as an excuse to avoid working out, a couple of airlines may have a solution for you. Starting this month, Song, the new low-cost flyer from Delta (USA), will
30 Jul 2004

Multimedia Taxis

Next September, a fleet of taxis in Barcelona will begin testing a multimedia system which aims to serve both the taxi-driver and the passenger better. The taxi-drivers are smiling because the satellite-connected system will ensure that the
27 Jul 2004

The Laughing Car

Four inventors working for Toyota in Japan have filed a patent for a car that can express all sorts of emotions: cry, laugh, wink, anything. It can, for example, express its anger at another car cutting into
16 Jun 2004

Cars for the PlayStation Generation

Fancy driving a car in which everything – including the car’s steering, throttle and brakes – are operated through a handheld PlayStation-like device? Well, you’ll have to wait till the year 2015, when General Motors rolls out