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28 Jan 2018

Nordic Cities To Be Connected By Tunnel Through Sea?

Peter Vesterbacka may not be a household name, but many of us are familiar with the hit mobile game he helped create, Angry Birds. After taking the world by storm with a puzzle game that involved launching various
25 Jan 2018

The Oversized Backpack

This is the oversized backpack that saves one from having to pick and choose which items to pack or leave behind. At 2 1/2?-tall, the backpack features a generous main compartment that measures 6 1/2? cu.—larger than
24 Jan 2018

Sky’s The Limit For Swiss Furnicular Trains

Funicular railways are cable-based train lines that shuttle carriages up steep inclines, and they don’t come any steeper than the Stoosbahn that has just opened in Switzerland. Connecting the mountain village of Stoos to the valley below,
24 Jan 2018

Hotel Mono, The New Trend Of Minimalistic Design

Designed by studio Spacedge, this 46-room boutique hotel is almost entirely black and white, with very few colors in nude tones to accent the space. Situated in the Chinatown neighborhood in Singapore, Hotel Mono used to be a series of
22 Jan 2018

Fully Solar Powered Car Becoming A Reality

Adding solar technology to electric vehicles is an ideal evolution in theory, but for many in the industry, practicality remains an issue. This skepticism hasn’t stopped a Dutch startup from developing Lightyear One, a vehicle that finally
14 Jan 2018

Bike Lights Powered By Physics

When it comes to lights, cyclists typically have one of two options: Either a battery-powered light which needs replacing every so often or a dynamo-powered light which uses the spinning of your bike’s wheels to generate power, but
13 Jan 2018

Supersonic Travel

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the recently renamed Virgin Hyperloop One unveiled two products that show just how far the concept has come since its inception. The most notable reveal was a detailed look at the first
13 Jan 2018

Life Saver In The Wild

Due to the hyper-connected world we live in, there are very few times that we’re not contactable. One of the occasions we may not be, though, is when we potentially need it the most: If we’re ever
12 Jan 2018

Future Air Taxi

The massive migration of people to cities over the past half a century has made issues like worsening traffic and pollution ones that we can’t really afford to ignore. How people move around urban centers in the future will
9 Jan 2018

Customizable Autonomous Transportation

The auto industry continues to change, especially in urban environments that are seeking new, more efficient ways to keep people moving. Toyota’s e-Palette concept is essentially an autonomous, electric bus that can be customized for different needs