All New Business Ideas in Technology

13 Feb 2005

Voice Over ial-Up Internet Service

Seattle dBusinessNews: Ecuity, Inc.,a leading enhanced Voice over Internet communications company serving the small-to-medium business and residential markets, and Azatel Communications, a manufacturer of integrated SIP and MGCP related products, announced the joint development of Voice over
3 Feb 2005

Tech Trends in 2005

BusinessWeek: Welcome to 2005, the year the high-tech industry does…something. Truth is, you won’t find an awful lot of agreement on how things will turn out for tech this year. The most enthusiastic of forecasters say capital
3 Feb 2005

GPS School Bags Help Find Children

RFID in Japan: “Oribie Navi Land” is a GPS school bag for tracking kids. Japanese school bag manufacturer Kyowa and security systems and services company Secom are collaborating to release this product+service package this November. Secom’s GPS
3 Feb 2005

An iPod That Listens

The Register: A US firm specialising in metadata for music files is working with a voice recognition company to enable voice-controlled music devices for use where hand control is impractical. Gracenote is working with voice recognition specialist
28 Jan 2005

Clean Toothbrush, Thanks To Violight

DailyCandy: There’s something really, really gross in your bathroom. Something that harbors millions of micro-organisms and tons of bacteria. A seething hotbed of icky contaminants. It’s your toothbrush (ew!), and, we hate to tell you, but it
26 Jan 2005

Tools For Radio Waves Hunters

We Make Money Not Art: Oren Horev , Myriel Milicevic (who had worked also on the Zone project) and Marcos Weskamp designed the Amazing All-Band Radio, three innocent-looking devices that allow users to hunt short, medium and
24 Jan 2005

RFID Tagging Getting Big

BusinessWeek: ProfitLogic’s software is already at work in Gap and Target stores, and President Scott Friend sees many more retailers following suit. The transformative technology that entails tagging merchandise with radio frequency computer chips (RFID) is on
22 Jan 2005

PetsMobility PetCell

Gizmodo: The PetsMobility PetCell is only a concept for now, but the patent-pending collar could be great—if you don’t mind spending a lot of extra cash on your pets. The idea is simple: it’s a cell phone
17 Jan 2005

The Battery of our Shirts

Reuters: It may only be a matter of time before we will be using our shirts to charge our cellphones. Researchers at the University of Toronto have invented a flexible plastic solar cell that is said to
16 Jan 2005

Patients Put on Thinking Caps

Wired News: Any geek worthy of the moniker has dreamed of connecting his or her brain directly to a computer for blissful freedom from keyboard and mouse. For quadriplegics, that ability would give life a whole new