All New Business Ideas in Technology

18 Aug 2004

It’s Safety First At Legoland

Thanks to the implementation of RFID technology, parents can have great fun with their children in Legoland without worrying about losing them in the vast park. The Legoland amusement park in Denmark is implementing a new child-tracking
1 Aug 2004

Tellme More Please, Won’t You?

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Mike McCue thinks that his company, Tellme Networks, can transform the cell phone into a powerful tool for sales and marketing with its proprietary technology. Tellme uses a combination of Internet and voice-recognition technology
1 Aug 2004

Star Trek Communication

The magic of Star Trek “com badges” has come to life! Wearing a Vocera badge, people can touch the slim device they wear on their uniforms, identify who they want to talk to and start talking immediately
21 Jul 2004

Wi-Fi and Vineyards: A Mismatch?

Owners of a USA vineyard are now using Wi-Fi technology to more carefully monitor growing conditions at their site. California-based Accenture Technology Labs installed 40 wireless units on existing trellising posts around the 30-acre vineyard and fitted
16 Jun 2004

Nanopowder Sunscreens

Hoping to jump onto the nanotechnology bandwagon and earn a pile from it? Well, you can certainly join in the crowd if you have been observing the trend of nanotechnology taking the shape of big business, with
30 May 2004

Space-saving, Convenient Cup Dispensers

In need of the perfect solution to your cup dispensing needs? Introducing the all-new Bumble-Free cup dispensers: great for frozen, fountain and coffee cups! Bumble-Free is the newest and economical way to dispense cups in convenience stores.
16 May 2004

Eat It Ripe And Right

Having to spend almost 15 minutes just to select a couple of ripe and still-in-perfect-shape pears may soon be a thing of the past. A world-first, clever label that indicates ripeness of fruit has been developed by