All New Business Ideas in Technology

31 Dec 2016

NexD1 Multimaterial and Electronics 3D Printer

The NexD1 is the first multi-material and electronics 3D printer that lets you print fully functional circuits and PCBs. It’s affordable, fast, precise and fits on any desktop. You can mix and match up to six materials
14 Dec 2016

Cool Tech is Great, but Only if You Protect Yourself

Here at Cool Business Ideas we’re all about finding the best new technology. Devices, gadgets and gizmos that make your life easier, more entertaining or more profitable are not only good for you, but your business, your
14 Nov 2016

Smart Bra

A startup out of MIT is creating a wearable specifically aimed at better monitoring and understanding women’s cardiovascular health through an article of clothing worn closest to a woman’s heart: her bra. Bloomer Tech is developing flexible, washable circuits
2 Nov 2016

Sundrop Farms Grows Tomatoes with Seawater and 23,000 mirror

Sundrop Farms, a tomato production facility that is the first agricultural system of its kind in the world, celebrated its grand opening in Port Augusta, South Australia, Thursday. Instead of soil, pesticides, fossil fuels and groundwater, Sundrop
24 Oct 2016

Wallpaper Solar Cells

Imagine being able to tape thin, affordable solar cells anywhere: the top of a trailer, the side of a building, or the roof of your car. Sunflare‘s new solar technology could make that possible. The Los Angeles-based
14 Sep 2016

AU10TIX Releases Deep-Learning Face Comparison Beta That Can Handle Anything From an ID Pic to a Selfie

The standard security measures that were once created for identification cards, such as holographic layers and micro texts, are no longer as accurate as they once were. We live in a digital age where images for identification
27 Aug 2016

Why You Should Invest in the Latest Technology for Your Business

Technology has come a long way over the past decade. The capabilities of today’s technology is remarkable; especially in the way it helps businesses. However, despite how impressive it has become, many businesses fail to keep up.
16 Aug 2016

Self Dissolving Battery

When it comes to the environment, batteries are a big problem. Even rechargeable batteries eventually reach the end of their lifespan, and all too often wind up in landfills rather than designated recycling facilities. In an effort
19 Jul 2016

How To Start Tech Business Idea On Antivirus Software Market?

Carpe Diem According to Zillya! Laboratory research, world’s antivirus software market was represented by more than 300 brands and reached 22 billion in 2015. Despite of dominancy of industry giants (Symantec, MacAfee, ESET etc.) local companies in
8 Jul 2016

SuperMeat Creating Device To Grow Cultured-Meat For Local Consumption

SuperMeat, an Israeli foodtech startup, is developing the technology to create cultured meat from chicken cells in a safe and controlled environment, external to the animal’s body. The company is launching a crowdfunding campaign to create the