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13 Apr 2006


Entrepreneur: Beasley is the creator of table golf, a new game that combines golf and billiards into one. Beasley dreamed up the game in 1999 while serving a sentence. As he watched a golf tournament get rained
5 Apr 2006

The Assassin For an attempted assassination, there sure was a lot of giggling going on. “I’m going to feel pretty good about shooting someone, if I don’t die first,” said would-be assassin Nicole Califano, who was drinking a
15 Dec 2005

Farming For Gold

we make money not art: Online gamers who lack the time and patience to work their way up to the higher levels of gamedom are willing to pay the young Chinese to play the early rounds for
26 Aug 2005

AirArmor Prevents Football Injuries

U.S. Newswire: The sports medicine experts at ArmorSports believe there’s plenty of truth to the old adage, “The best defense is a good offense.” Their product, AirArmor is the first on the market designed for players to
17 Jul 2005

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

we make money not art: Through the looking glass is a system that allows a person to play a game with her/himself in a mirror. A full-body-action pong game can be played with the current installation, which
28 Jun 2005

Casual Gaming Far from the bloody streets of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” and light years from the deep space, run-and-gun menace of “Halo 2,” lives Flo. She is the cartoon-cute stockbroker who chucked it all to operate
24 May 2005

Be A Boardgame Boss Playing games is an important part of every childhood–but for sisters Callie and Pam Weiant, the homemade game their mother created for them as children inspired them to become entrepreneurs. The game had been popular in
21 May 2005

Playing Pacman On The Streets

New Scientist: The classic arcade game PacMan has resurfaced on the streets of Singapore using “augmented reality” technology developed by military-backed scientists at the University of Singapore. While virtual reality immerses a user completely inside a computer-generated
3 May 2005

Vent It On Machines

We Make Money Not Art: Gametrak is a game controller in the form of a pair of fingerless gloves to strap on your arms. It captures your movements forwards and backwards as well as up, down, left
15 Apr 2005

Game of Life Victoria Gatling, 36, started to notice a disturbing trend in her family’s funeral-home business: “They were burying more and more young people, [victims] of so many violent, senseless crimes.” Believing there was a connection between those