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19 Apr 2014

Five of the Best Office Gadgets

Gadget boffins are always cooking up new ways to make life less of a struggle and thankfully, these are beginning to make their way into the business world. Every office will welcome a little extra convenience here
17 Apr 2014

Is a Temporary Business Premises Right for Your Business?

The retail industry is huge and spans everything from tiny corner shops and boutiques to sprawling supermarkets and ubiquitous high street chains. Retail can be quite difficult o establish yourself in, particularly as there is so much
15 Apr 2014

The First Steps to Starting Your Own Business

So you’ve got an idea for a business and you’re ready to start setting up. Starting a new business is both exciting and rewarding, but you are also going to face quite a few challenges along the
11 Apr 2014

Why Data Protection Is Essential For Business

“Big Data” is one of the biggest buzz phrases of the past year and essentially it refers to the way in which more businesses now than ever are having to cope with massive amounts of digital information.
7 Apr 2014

Taking Control of Your Career

You might think that the best way to make your career the best it can be is to switch jobs to a company that really values you and offers up opportunities to you. However, this can be
3 Apr 2014

Starting a Holiday Home Business

Investing in rental property is always a great financial move. But if you’re thinking about renting your property out as a holiday home, there are extra factors which you will need to consider. Holiday homes come in
28 Mar 2014

Can You Make a Business out of PAT Testing?

PAT stands for portable appliance testing, and refers to the regular checking of electrical equipment to ensure it is safe to use. A quick search through Google will tell you that there are a lot of PAT
23 Mar 2014

How to Go Green With Your Business

Fundamentally, the core idea behind the vast majority of businesses is to turn a profit. However in the current context, we must also think about the implications of our activities on the environment. From a financial perspective
20 Mar 2014

Money Saving Ideas for Your Business

In the current financial climate, it can be tough for small businesses to make a profit in the face of stiff competition from rival firms. However, this doesn’t mean that start-ups can’t flourish in the world of
19 Mar 2014

The Benefits Of Freelance Work

Contrary to what some people may think, freelancing is not reserved solely for the creative types such as artists and writers, nor is it just for computer whizzes who freelance in IT, SEO and social media. Whilst
28 Feb 2014

Strategies for More Efficiently Running Your Business

If you’re a business owner or manager, you will understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to running a company. Inefficient business models mean that companies lose out on profits and overspend on outgoings. All businesses
3 Feb 2014

‘That Lightbulb Moment’ – How To Make Your Business Idea’s A Reality

Business ideas come and go. One minute you can be sat staring blankly into the wilderness, the next a simple thought can catapult you sky high. But what really makes a good business idea is not the