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24 Jun 2015

The Key to Successful Sales Conversions: 3 Tips for Optimising Profitability

The UK business market is extremely prosperous at present, buoyed by a Conservative election victory and the robust growth of small enterprises. This returned to pre-recession levels recently, as Great Britain finally began to cement its position
24 Jun 2015

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance is an insurance policy that covers your business in the unfortunate event that a client makes a claim against you. Certain business professionals, from accountants and architects to solicitors, are required by law to
14 Apr 2015

Got an Idea? Check Out These Tips to Turning It Into a Business

While watching her young son wrestle with his stuffed animals to fall asleep, Jennifer Tefler, came up with the cool idea that is known as Pillow Pets. These cute, plush, pillows in the shape of animals were
31 Mar 2015

Productivity Tips for Small Businesses

The success and sustainability of a small business is in direct proportion to the productivity of its employees. The benefit of operating a smaller corporation over a large one is that business solutions can be integrated at
19 Mar 2015

Four Ways To Keep Your Staff Motivated

These days, many business owners are looking for strategies and techniques they can utilize for the purpose of moving their companies forward. If this is one of your business objectives for the year, you should note that
19 Mar 2015

Four Simple Ways To Make Your Financial Business Grow

These days, many business owners who run financial companies are interested in taking their corporations to a new level of success and productivity. If this is your current professional objective, you should note that there are numerous
10 Mar 2015

Enabling Efficient Communication Is Vital to Achieving Business Efficiency

Communication for businesses is all-important that failing to make it efficient also makes the rest of the business inefficient. There is hardly business operations efficiency without communication efficiency. Even automated systems still employ communication methods to work.
23 Feb 2015

Better and Faster Way to Innovations and Ideas

In our world of chaos and change, what are you overlooking? If you knew the answer, you’d be a better innovator, better manager, and better investor. Jeremy Gutsche, innovation expert and founder of, shows us an
23 Feb 2015

Are Smartwatches The Next Big Gaming Platform?

This year is a significant one in terms of wearable technology, and particularly that of smartwatches. Whilst initially the watches themselves will serve as a convenient extension to your existing smartphone it is believed that once they
18 Feb 2015

Would You Like A Lucrative Career In App Development?

If you are seeking a new career move and have an avid interest in web or mobile based development then perhaps you should consider a job in App Development. Mobile gaming has increased emphatically during these past
17 Feb 2015

Secure Future Custom: 4 Ways to Keep a Client

Whether you have an award-winning sales team or the most competitive prices on the market, the most important part of business is keeping your past and present clients interested in your service. You need to make sure
8 Feb 2015

Four Easy Ways to Save Money when Creating a Business Website

Whether you already have an existing business or are thinking of starting one, creating a website should be one of your first orders of business. A good business website can do you a number of favours, from