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28 Jan 2015

When Not to DIY in Business, For a Better Customer Experience

There is something to be said for doing it yourself. But you’re only one person. If you find yourself working 90 hours a week to do a bunch of jobs, you’re doing it wrong. Your efficiency will
26 Jan 2015

Four Outdoor Business Ideas for Office-Weary Entrepreneurs

If you’re a budding entrepreneur and have spent most of your working life cooped up inside an office, then you’ve probably wondered more than once about what’s out there. What you can do in the great outdoors
7 Jan 2015

Strategies For Launching a Successful Start-up

Here’s a nice bummer statistic to start things out with. 80% of new businesses fail within a year-and-a-half. That’s 8 or 10 in 18 months, folks. This stat should be a scary warning to anyone who fancies
5 Jan 2015

How to Finance a New Business

Many people spend years dreaming of running their own successful business like Sukanto Tanoto. They have an idea and some experience, but they know that financing their dreams is hard. Unless you come from a wealthy family, you
6 Dec 2014

How Video Conferencing Tech Ideas Slashes Travel Costs

It’s not unusual for company executives to jet around the world as a normal way of doing business. For many business people, it’s has been the key to successful liaisons, collaboration between teams, and company expansion. When
26 Nov 2014

7 Strategies For Launching A Successful B2B Private Label Skin Care Company

If you want to run a  B2B (business to business), becoming a wholesaler who provides retailers with products to sell, you should look into the Private Label business model. By forging successful relationships with retailers in your niche,
17 Nov 2014

5 Tips To Package Your Brand

Packaging is a branding opportunity waiting to happen. Although many manufacturers package their products in a bland way, a few smart manufacturers have learned the subtle art of making a simple box or can into a statement.
4 Nov 2014

Are Your Customers Safe When They Use Your Mobile Card Reader?

Online shops and mobile payment systems are now a huge target for cyber criminals. You hear a lot about the big companies being infiltrated, but the truth is smaller, more vulnerable eCommerce websites are being exploited more
4 Nov 2014

How to Set Up a Virtual Office

Ideal for small or large businesses, a virtual office is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a traditional workspace. There is a large amount of freedom and a number of benefits to running a business from an
25 Jun 2014

Cool but Pricey Business Ideas

Starting your own business will always entail some initial costs, but some ideas are considerably more expensive than others. It takes a brave person to go into such a venture, knowing that there’s always the possibility they
24 Jun 2014

Starting a Business without Experience

A large number of new business owners set up companies with only a very limited knowledge of the field they propose to work in. This may come as a surprise and it may even sound foolhardy. Yet
22 Jun 2014

How to Make Your Office Cool

Office designs have come a long way in the past 100 years. In the early part of the 20th century, office spaces – as they were then – were seen to be restrictive and impractical. The idea