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25 Jun 2014

Cool but Pricey Business Ideas

Starting your own business will always entail some initial costs, but some ideas are considerably more expensive than others. It takes a brave person to go into such a venture, knowing that there’s always the possibility they
24 Jun 2014

Starting a Business without Experience

A large number of new business owners set up companies with only a very limited knowledge of the field they propose to work in. This may come as a surprise and it may even sound foolhardy. Yet
22 Jun 2014

How to Make Your Office Cool

Office designs have come a long way in the past 100 years. In the early part of the 20th century, office spaces – as they were then – were seen to be restrictive and impractical. The idea
30 May 2014

The Dos & Don’ts of Effective Office Interior Decoration

Getting your office’s interior design from the get-go is absolutely essential; not only does a great décor create a fantastic first impression for all those prospective new clients and customers, but it’s also vital to ensure an
23 May 2014

3 Interesting Export Opportunities in the Current Market

While it may be argued that the ongoing conflict between Russia and the Ukraine is relatively contained, it could soon begin to have an impact on the rest of Europe. The reaction of leading European nations and
22 May 2014

The Importance of Stylish, Well Located Offices and Meeting Rooms

The offices in which you conduct business or have meetings in can have an impact on your reputation, as well as your success. To be successful you will need to operate out of offices that are in
15 May 2014

Unorthodox Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

Using unorthodox marketing methods can be a game changer for your business. Because of how unique your methods are, you’ll barely have any competition in your method of marketing giving your brand the focus and exposure that
13 May 2014

How to Become a Freelance Writer

Working as a freelancer has loads of benefits. From being able to work from home to being able to make your own hours, there are countless reasons for going freelance that inspire hundreds of people every year
5 May 2014

How To Start An E-Commerce Business

If you’re a business owner selling goods or services there’s simply no putting it off any longer. With more customers than ever before shopping online, making your presence felt on the World Wide Web is a must
29 Apr 2014

Managing and Running your Own Bar: How to Save Money while Optimising Profitability

Despite supposedly widespread portents of hope and expectation, the British economy remains precariously balanced at present. This may come under more scrutiny in the coming weeks, after mortgage lending in the UK finally began to decline after
19 Apr 2014

Five of the Best Office Gadgets

Gadget boffins are always cooking up new ways to make life less of a struggle and thankfully, these are beginning to make their way into the business world. Every office will welcome a little extra convenience here
17 Apr 2014

Is a Temporary Business Premises Right for Your Business?

The retail industry is huge and spans everything from tiny corner shops and boutiques to sprawling supermarkets and ubiquitous high street chains. Retail can be quite difficult o establish yourself in, particularly as there is so much