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17 Jan 2018

Ending Food Wastage With FoodMaven

Waste has been an accepted norm in the food industry with businesses anticipating those costs. A new startup from Colorado, FoodMaven, wants to change that by turning potential waste into something useful. Walton Enterprises, who own 50
15 Jan 2018

Cleaning Up Your Community- The New Game

How many times have we walked along city sidewalks and seen pieces of trash floating across our feet? With no immediate incentive to dispose of it properly, many of us will let it go instead of getting
12 Jan 2018

Bitcoin Mining Powers Aquaponics Garden

This indoor garden is heated by something totally unexpected: bitcoin mining. When software company owner Bruce Hardy saw how much heat his computers were generating, he decided to put that extra energy to good use. Now, instead of using
10 Jan 2018

Christmas Dunes

A local chapter in Cape Fear, North Carolina, have a tradition that’s now in its fourth year, in which they gather after the holiday season to bury their Christmas trees on the beach. It sounds like a
8 Jan 2018

DIY Solar Device Powers Puerto Rico

Garcia created a solar generator, which he explained in his video is “essentially a small, lightweight, portable Powerwall.” The solar generator is a box “containing batteries, an inverter, a solar charge controller, and all kinds of different connectors to get
7 Jan 2018

No More Food Wastage?

OLIO is an online app designed to reduce food waste through social networking. After creating an account, OLIO users can upload photos and descriptions of foods, such as extra vegetables, surplus canned goods, or leftover meals, that they wish
5 Jan 2018

Millenial’s Workplace Dreams

What do the vast majority of millennials believe a workplace has to offer to inspire creativity and productivity? That’s the very question companies large and small are working hard to answer. The rebellion against open office settings –
2 Jan 2018

Tokyo’s Farming Train

As urban farming becomes increasingly popular across the globe, Tokyo’s most-used rapid transit system, Tokyo Metro, is dabbling in hydroponic farming in an unused warehouse space below the system’s elevated transit lines. The project, called Tokyo Salad, takes the
1 Jan 2018

Food Pharmacies a Panacea?

Many medical issues have symptoms that can be managed or preventative with exercise and nutritional care, but access to things like fresh fruits and vegetables or healthy protein can be challenging for certain populations. The Silver Avenue
16 Dec 2017

ConserWater Uses NASA Satellite Data to Save Water

ConserWater just released ConserWater™ Web, a web dashboard that not only helps farmers but also anyone with land to save water bill! This technology, priced starting from $1.99 a month, uses NASA satellite data, along with patent pending geospatial deep learning to