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25 Feb 2014

Cost Effective Ways to Maintain a Positive Business Image

  In the fast paced and ever-changing world of commerce, businesses must seek creative solutions to remain ahead of the competition. All companies need to expand and appeal to wider audiences if they intend to remain successful.
18 Feb 2014

Agree to Lend to Friends

A new app has been launched which aims to encourage borrowing between friends and family on Facebook, pushed as an alternative to payday loans. ‘Agree It’ – which is free to download and use – enables Facebook
21 Jan 2014

Doctor on Demand

Anyone who’s ever spent an hour in a doctor’s office only to have their lingering cough be diagnosed as a virus that just needs to be waited out knows the hassle incurred by minor medical issues. Doctor
19 Dec 2013

Period Subscription

The Period Store offers monthly goodie bags to women by subscription, delivering essentials and comforts according to their individual cycle. Customers first register their details, including their usual menstrual cycle, before selecting the items they’d like to receive
25 Nov 2013

Restaurant Discount for Turning Off Phones

Look your lover in the face. Tell him or her why they’re the best, most gorgeous, most intelligent, inspiring person you’ve ever met. Then dig into your mackerel or your malloreddus. That’s how a romantic meal should
22 Feb 2013

Car Dropoff Service

Cardrops is a “frictionless” delivery service launched by Antwerp creative agency Board of Innovation. It aims to take the planning and hassle out of receiving parcels. The Belgian service reasons that cars are parked 90% of the
16 Feb 2013

Expert Chats

Dr. Drew Pinksy, known for his popular radio program Loveline, has created a new company called Greenroom that lets fans purchase video chat time with specialists from fields ranging from art and comedy to weddings and health. Those with advice to
1 Feb 2013

One Card, All Benefits

The Wallaby Card is an advanced cloud-based digital wallet that stores the information about each of your existing credit cards and automatically picks the best card to charge in each transaction, based on your preferences. Carry just
30 Jan 2013

Mobile Bank

GoBank is a new mobile banking platform that puts the features of a traditional bank right in the palm of your hand. The bank will have no physical presence which eliminates one of the largest costs of
23 Jan 2013

Smartphone Apps Offering Banking Solutions

While the big banks have often been slow to take advantage of new technologies, startups such as Simple have realized how smartphones can help streamline financial transactions. Now Movenbank is offering a similar solution, with integrated tools