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14 Jan 2015

Five Tips That Can Help You Choose an Ice Cream Store Franchise Opportunity Successfully

Many entrepreneurs like Lloyd Claycomb purchase franchises each year. This is understandable because franchises offer many benefits that make operating your own business worthwhile.Many of these franchise opportunities are offered by high-quality ice cream vendors who offer
29 Jul 2014

How to Sell Swank on the London Property Market

London is not a place void of sophisticated style and quirky charm; in fact, it’s probably got enough kookiness for the entire nation. With one bedroom apartments selling for well in excess of one million pounds on
27 Jun 2014

Employee Uniforms: Hot or Not?

Uniforms for employees have become pretty rare in recent years; most clothes shops simply have their staff wear brands that they sell, workmen tend to wear whatever they want as long as it meets regulations and the
14 May 2014

Innovation Lab Immersive Retail Experience

Adidas launched the Innovation Lab pop-up shop in its Seoul flagship to promote the Springblade, a new running shoe which features individual elastic blades that mimic springs. The store is the culmination of six years of research
29 Apr 2014

Vince Cable set to shame big businesses guilty of late payments

In a bid to counter the seemingly inexorable increase in late payments which is stunting the UK economy and threatening the very existence of SMEs, the business secretary Vince Cable is set to shame big businesses into
20 Mar 2014

Cloud-Based Fresh Food Delivery

Fresh Realm, a technology startup with a mission to make fresh food available for all, partnered with RKS to define, design and introduce a disruptive delivery system that enables to ship fresh food straight from growers to
7 Mar 2014

Liquor Delivery App and Service

Drizly aims to become “the for alcohol” by letting New York City and Boston residents order beer, wine, and liquor for delivery within approximately 30-60 minutes. The company aggregates the booze each participating liquor store has in
27 Feb 2014

Salad Vending Machine

Don’t think of the Farmer’s Fridge kiosk as a vending machine. It’s a veggie machine dispensing handcrafted salads that taste so good you’ll think you’re eating bad. Made fresh every day, using only the best ingredients and
24 Nov 2013

Three Cool Online Payment Systems

With pretty much everything being available online these days – the topic of online payment systems is something that comes up regularly.  Everyone wants to be able to make safe and secure transactions with the ultimate convenience. 
2 Jul 2013

Marketplace for Gift Cards

Increasing an average of 10% year-over-year, the gift card industry is experiencing exponential growth with more than $110 billion in sales in 2012 alone. Along with this rise in gift card sales comes more prevalent gift card