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21 Jul 2016

Online and Offline Security: Great Ways to Keep your Business Secure

As the manager or owner of a businessyou should see your company as your most prized asset, but like with any valuable item, this should also be safe and secure. Unfortunately, there are more and more means
20 Jul 2016

Co-working Spaces In Restaurants

Co-working spaces are popping up everywhere in cities all over the world. The days when freelance workers, urban nomads and other flexible creatives could only work and be connected in overcrowded coffee bars are soon to be over, as
19 May 2016

Opening Up to Open-Source Software in Government

You know about “Open-Source Software” (OSS), right? Even if you’re not an OSS fanatic, you’ve at the very least heard the term and wondered, “What in the world is that stuff all about?” Thankfully, the guys at
22 Mar 2016

Dashboards Monitoring Apps and Strategies to Increase Productivity for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Many would-be entrepreneurs bolt out of the gate with excitement when it comes to setting up their new ecommerce business, only to find that the business fizzles out after only a few months. It’s important to find
16 Mar 2016

Revealed – 78% of UK shoppers still not sold on online grocery shopping

Recent figures suggest a year-on-year increase in the number of people who do their main food shopping online, up to 11% in 2015 from only 6% in 2011*. An online voucher code company investigated further and found
18 Feb 2016

How Your Can Use Technology to Improve Your Brick and Mortar Store

There is nothing wrong with using technology to take on some of the mundane tasks that would normally require your direct manpower. The more that you use automation techniques for these boring tasks, the more that your
24 Jan 2016

Creating Timeless Presentations with Software

The point of any presentation is simple. People expect to hear a specific message and it is up to the presenter to deliver that message. However, the days of people needing to gather face to face in
17 Dec 2015

HUMAN Brings Innovation to the Vending Industry

With its mission of “making healthy food more convenient than junk food,” HUMAN Healthy Vending is changing the face of an industry notorious for offering fat and sugar-laden junk food. Since its inception in 2008, HUMAN (which
23 Sep 2015

V-Commerce Is Poised To Shake Up The Retail Industry

Virtual reality is set to revolutionise the way in which we carry out many tasks in our personal and professional lives and the adaptable contrive of this exciting technology is unprecedented. There are many ways in which
6 Apr 2015

Sock Society Service

The Sock Society philosophy is that socks are the new tie in the workplace. With the de-formalization of the workplace from suits to business casual, socks are now the new way to express individuality. This is the