All New Business Ideas in Pets

11 Jul 2007

Canine Care

CherryFlava: In the world of gadgets for your car – we just know that nothing is going to sell better than this painfully simple device. It’s no secret that domestic canines simply cannot resist sticking their heads
27 May 2007

Timeshare Canine

Iconoculture: Leased cars. Vacation condos. And now, timeshare dogs. FLEXPETZ lets dog lovers who don’t have the time or space to be full-time pet owners make playdates with dogs from breed-rescue shelters. FLEXPETZ members pay $40 a
16 Feb 2007

Dogs Beer

Popgadget: They say that a woman’s best friend is her dog, and those dogs deserve a drink every now and again. A nice young lady from Holland brewed up a nonalcoholic beer for her Weimaraners as a
9 Dec 2006


Williamsport Sun-Gadget: The minty-fresh smell of Planet Dog’s Orbee-TUFF balls may just send anyone (even the dog) into the holiday season. I think it’s more the shape than the smell that is special about these toys. My
9 Dec 2006

Dog Scooter

Gizmag: This new concept in near zero emission transportation could be just what you’re looking for, though we suspect that parking might be a problem. Seriously though folks, if you have a big dog that often takes
1 Aug 2006

Cool Vest

Dayton Daily News: Just in time for the hot dogs of summer — the Cool Vest. Originally marketed in Japan, the Cool Vest is now being sold in the United States to keep dogs cool in hot