All New Business Ideas in Pets

19 Apr 2009


CoolHunting: The Sleepypod is a new pet carrier that creates a more enjoyable and safe experience for your pet when on the road. A great alternative to the pet-in-your-purse method, it also doubles as a bed by
14 Feb 2009

Breath Mints for Dogs

PopGadget: As with most dog owners, we love our small “herd” ( three beautiful rescue doxies) but their breath is another matter. My husband uses that old expression, “It could stop the windmill on an old Dutch
27 Jul 2008

Birds on my Back

CoolHunting: Forget toting dogs, iguanas or other pets, nothing will impress the in-crowd like bringing a bird to class or work. And now you can—on your back—in the PetPocket Bird Carrier. The PetPocket is a transportable birdcage,
4 Jun 2008

Air Con Dog House

Nerd Approved: As if your pet isn’t pampered enough, you can get it this Air Conditioned Dog House and get them one step closer to your sedentary self. You could take the simpler and cheaper route of
5 May 2008

Dog Poop Cleanup Aid

ProductDose: I love dogs. I hate picking up dog poop. This Poop Freeze product doesn’t make the poop go away but at least it removes that steaming, mushy texture that still makes you feel gross even through
24 Apr 2008

Simple Dog Vitamin

TrendCentral: Anyone whose family includes a dog knows that getting Fido to take his vitamins is even harder than getting the kids to eat spinach. Rather than having to shove a horse pill down your dog’s throat
25 Jan 2008

Lovely Dog Crate

Born Rich: eCrate is a modern take on traditional fido carriers from esteemed industrial designer Peter Pracili. The NYC artist has partnered with Sexy Beast to launch this revolutionary new egg shaped dog crate. The eCrate cage
29 Nov 2007

Fresh Water For Your Dog

The Red Ferret Journal: Automatic Refill Dog Water Bowl. Dang, that’s cool, Marge. Now if we can only find something that does the same thing for dog food, we’ll never have to see that mangy mutt again.
28 Oct 2007 Sugar Inc. announced today the launch of, a new site geared toward pets and the people who love them. The site is celebrating its debut with a $500 Petco gift certificate giveaway that will be
16 Aug 2007

Feeling Cool

Popgadget: My poor dog, Zach, has been mostly indoors for the last couple of weeks due to the heat wave. He just loves to come everywhere with me, but I dare not leave him in the car