All New Business Ideas in Pets

23 Jun 2011

Puppy Run

The inspiration for is from the creator’s own “monster” miniature schnauzers, Pete and Sam. This invention solves all the problems associated with running and walking your dog/dogs. It allows the user to take their dogs for
26 Jan 2011

Pets Poop Vacuum

Uber-Review: When it comes to pets, dogs are sooooo much better than cats in all ways but one: they don’t really care where they take a crap. You take them for a walk and they will go
24 Nov 2010

Smart Looking Dog

Gizmodiva: Who said black tie affairs are not for dogs? Your dogs can dress extremely sophisticated and formal too. You might not own a tie, but you can certainly buy one for your dog and send it
20 Sep 2010

High Rise Flats for Fishes

Now its no longer true that Singaporeans live in high rise flats built by HDB in Singapore. You can build one for your pet fishes too! Anytime anywhere! Stack these cube shaped fish bowls on top of
6 Sep 2010

PawsOFF Protective Bed Cover

Through our new company LiveWell Pet Products we launched the PawsOFF Protective Bed Cover, which is a cover that goes overtop your pillows and comforter to protect it from your pet’s fur, odor, germs, slobber and stains. You
20 Mar 2010

Social Networking Dogs

CNNMoney: In its first-ever toy created for the canine community, Mattel is introducing a product called “Puppy Tweets” that meshes the hugely popular Twitter with consumers’ love of pets. Puppy Tweets is a plastic tag with a
28 Feb 2010

The Neater Feeder

Dog Reflections: The Neater Feeder is a feeding station made of recyclable polypropylene plastic. It has high walls that keeps food and water inside the station and keeps your floors and home clean when your pet eats.
14 Jan 2010

The Soft-Hearted Pillow, In Memory Of..

Until now, pet owners had a singular choice for preserving cremated remains; a solid, stationary urn to be positioned on a shelf, forever still. Now comes the Soft-Hearted Pillow, a supple huggable pillow that captures the love
26 Jun 2009

Fly with Pets Airways

Cool Hunting: Anyone who’s experienced the stress of air travel with their pet has thought there’s got to be a better way. Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel thought they could do better, and the result is Pet
29 Apr 2009

Eco-friendly Skin Remedy for Horses

Halifax Courier UK: Natural skin treatments have been launched by a company passionate about animals and its eco-friendly approach. Mags and Graham Roxburgh, who care for a host of animals in Holywell Green, poured months of hard