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6 Sep 2012

Talent Chaser

Recruitment and daily staff management for companies and organizations of all sizes is now easier and more accurate with Talent Chaser, the first and only evidence-based recruitment method. The fully scalable software assists with the recruitment of
22 Jun 2012

Airtime Video Chats

Airtime is the best frictionless video platform for launching instant video conversations with random people who happen to have some shared interests. That may sound scary, but it’s actually kind of fun. This lightweight, powerful tool for
13 Jun 2012

Social Concert Footage

Vyclone’s special features are positioning it to become the video sharing site within the music category. The iOS app, which was released in May, was conceived as a way for music fans to share and compile footage
22 May 2012

Picle Shares

Picle, an iOS app introduced in March by digital agency Made by Many, lets smartphone photographers simultaneously record a few seconds of ambient sound as they take a photo. The resultant audio/visual moments, known as Picles, reside
15 May 2012

Hoppit Searches Restaurants by Vibes

Hoppit is your personal concierge with an extensive knowledge of the world around you. As the world’s first ambience search engine, it’s the web’s simplest way to curate the world around you. Hoppit provides highly curated recommendations
14 May 2012

Flixel Living Photos

For those who prefer art house films to box office blow-ups, Flixel may be more to their liking. Recognizing that the technical expertise that Beck and Burg pour into their category-defining works is not attainable by the
18 Apr 2012

Embedle Page Tweets

Embedle is a app where you can embed your tweets into the webpages you share on twitter. Your followers can join your tweet conversation directly while viewing that page, thus increasing interaction with your followers. It’s also
13 Apr 2012

Makes FaceBook Marketers Lives Easier

  After the recent update, Qwaya has become one of the most interesting Facebook marketing tools on the market.  It allows you to schedule your campaigns, edit several ads at once through the bulk-editing function and automatically
31 Mar 2012

Baby Tree Infant Matchmaking

A Chinese website has come up with a way for worried parents to tackle the problem of marriage: a dating site for babies! The infant matchmaking service was started by Chinese childcare site Baby Tree. Using the
14 Mar 2012

Find Fellow Enthusiasts with LifeCrowds

Lifecrowd is an LA-based startup that curates in-person activities through an online social network. Members interested in new experiences, or “enthusiasts,” can search through categories such as Indulgent, which is all about food, wine, and alcohol; Active,