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12 Sep 2016

City Living just got Smarter with Nello Tello

The current problem with city living: People living in cities are hardly ever home to answer the door, meaning they miss out on deliveries and have to be at home when a service provider rings. This is not
25 Aug 2016

“Bars” Adds Musical Twist to Messaging

New app Bars launches on iOS to bring music lyrics to texting. Smart algorithms allow Bars to quickly identify song lyrics creating an interactive chat experience drawing from a comprehensive library of songs and artists. The app
27 Jun 2016

Saent Focused Living

Saent (pronounced “saint”) creates the ideal conditions for doing amazing work and offers positive behavior change recommendations that lead to healthier and more productive work habits. The app removes digital distractions, and uses data to offer personalized insights
14 Jan 2016

App to Find Spaces and Work Hard Anywhere

Work may be hard, but finding a spot to work shouldn’t be. Work Hard Anywhere is a collection of work-optimized spaces in the palm of your hand. Mobile. Easy. Constantly updated by your fellow entrepreneurs, freelancers, and
11 Jan 2016

Sunshine Crowdsourced Weather Forecasts App

Most weather services rely on sensors and satellite imagery to provide a picture of outdoor conditions. However, because data is collected from somewhat distant points, such providers often don’t accurately depict the situation just outside one’s door.
6 Jan 2016

The Light Phone for Less Connectedness

The Light Phone only makes and receives calls (and tells the time). It works with your existing phone so that calls get forwarded, so you can leave your “personal computer” at home when you go for a jog,
26 Nov 2015

Figment VR: Virtual Reality in your Pocket

Virtual reality lets you fully immerse yourself in digital experiences that you could never get to on your own, like climbing to the top of Mt. Everest, rock-out on stage with Paul McCartney, or even shooting down
24 Nov 2015

App for All Things to Do is a vastly expanding startup based out of Denver, Colo., that provides users with information on local events and happenings in a given city. With the tag line, “For All Things”, the app is used
1 Oct 2015

NoPhone ZERO for Phone Addicts

The NoPhone ZERO has zero features. It’s a plastic rectangle for people who are addicted to rectangular devices. If you know someone who needs no phone, give them a NoPhone. With a thin, light and completely wireless design,
30 Sep 2015

Thanks! Easy Tipping App

Thanks! is designed so that we may quickly and easily express our gratitude whether we know the other person or not.  Send a message or send money, because it always feels good to be grateful or to