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13 Mar 2014

Chune Music Sharing

Music is inherently social, but almost all of the popular music services that exist today are optimized for individual listeners. Chune is a new social music concept designed for parties, offices, and other shared use settings. Users who have
26 Feb 2014

Pop-up Book Game on iOS

Tengami isn’t quite like any game we’ve seen. It’s based on the idea of a pop-up book and set in a sort of mythical feudal Japan. You control a young Japanese man — although the actual details
17 Jan 2014

Lesbian Dating App

Entrepreneur Robyn Exton recognized a flaw in most lesbian dating apps: specifically, that many are replicas of dating apps for gay men. To better serve the female gay community, Exton created Dattch, a lesbian dating service where users
13 Jan 2014

PeekInToo – Experience 12 seconds of Someone Else’s Life

PeekInToo is offering a completely new way to perceive and virtually witness anything that is happening around the world, almost in real-time and upon request. Imagine thousands of Peekers around the world willing to share real-time Peeks from your
12 Dec 2013

3D Photos Seene

Seene creates a new kind of shareable 3D photo that brings together image, depth and movement in a way that is both familiar and new. Taking a seene on your phone is simple. Point your phone at
7 Aug 2013

Flirt Effortlessly with Twine

Twine seeks to create a better mobile solution for flirting with and meeting new people. But Twine differs from other apps in that it’s tackling the “new friend discovery” experience, anonymously matching you with strangers around you,
1 Aug 2013

App for Breakup

It’s sometimes hard to put the appropriate breaup message together. Fear not, my faint of heart, for here is the BreakUp Text app. You’ve longed for it almost as long as you’ve longed for human decency and
24 Jul 2013

Unlimited Wifi Powered Value Mobile Plan

Republic Wireless’s sales pitch has a curious lack of asterisks: $19 a month for unlimited voice, text and data service, with no contract required. Usually, smart phones cost $200 or more, and come with a two-year contract
27 Jun 2013

Gesture-Based Photo Gallery

Photoful is a new mobile application hoping to attract iPhone users who want the Photos experience the new iOS 7 mobile operating system will offer…and then some. As with iOS 7?s re-imagined Photos app, Photoful will also sort your
13 May 2013

Loo Connect

For those on the go, finding a clean toilet in Singapore and giving feedback on the best and worst commodes is now in hand with a new app for mobile phones and tablet computers. The Restroom Association
20 Nov 2012

Shake and Charge

Need to make a call but run out of juice? Just give your cellphone a shake for an extra burst of power – that’s the idea behind a new cellphone charger that turns movement into energy. Shashank
6 Nov 2012

Anti-Predator iPhone Case

If you often find yourself walking on lonely streets or dangerous situations alone, then the awesome new Coyote Case may just be what you need. This ingenious Smartphone cover not only protects your iPhone from scratches and