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22 Jul 2014

Exercise with Virtual Pet

Wokamon combines the function of a pedometer with the engagement of a virtual pet. The more you move, the more your pet grows. The Wokamon, short for Walking Monsters, feed off users’ burnt calories and turn them
10 Jul 2014

App to Find Produce That Turns Ripe

Your family is sick of peaches. Your freezer is crammed with ’em. Your coworkers and neighbors have started politely refusing your cobbler. Solution? The internet, obvs! The site Ripe Near Me aims to connect peeps trying to
8 Jul 2014

The Importance of Data Measuring Apps For Your Business

It’s summertime and holiday season is upon us! It’s time to stock up on suncream, invest in another questionable “holiday hat” and brace your nearest and dearest for the sight of your pale, hairy legs in shorts.
23 Jun 2014

The Entrepreneurs Who’ve Made Big Bucks Online

We’ve all seen the headline figures slapped onto those big internet business deals. Remember when Facebook acquired Instagram for a hefty $1 billion? Or when the Draw Something app sold for $250 million, just a matter of
12 May 2014

Mobile Number Bank Account

In October 2013 Indonesian bank CIMB Niaga launched its Rekening Ponsel (‘Mobile Phone Account’) service. Via the service, bank customers can use their mobile number to pay at major merchants across Indonesia: users give their phone number to the
24 Apr 2014

KnowRoaming Helps Save The Overseas Roaming Bill

What’s most interesting about KnowRoaming’s offering is the SIM “sticker” concept. Your starter kit includes a sticker and an applicator, which you use to literally stick KnowRoaming’s device directly on top of the SIM that came with
17 Mar 2014

Candid Camera Video

Tel Aviv-based startup Samba wants to expand the video messaging category to straddle the space between MMS and video chatting. The app, which launched last month, lets users record a video to send to a friend, and
13 Mar 2014

Chune Music Sharing

Music is inherently social, but almost all of the popular music services that exist today are optimized for individual listeners. Chune is a new social music concept designed for parties, offices, and other shared use settings. Users who have
26 Feb 2014

Pop-up Book Game on iOS

Tengami isn’t quite like any game we’ve seen. It’s based on the idea of a pop-up book and set in a sort of mythical feudal Japan. You control a young Japanese man — although the actual details
17 Jan 2014

Lesbian Dating App

Entrepreneur Robyn Exton recognized a flaw in most lesbian dating apps: specifically, that many are replicas of dating apps for gay men. To better serve the female gay community, Exton created Dattch, a lesbian dating service where users
13 Jan 2014

PeekInToo – Experience 12 seconds of Someone Else’s Life

PeekInToo is offering a completely new way to perceive and virtually witness anything that is happening around the world, almost in real-time and upon request. Imagine thousands of Peekers around the world willing to share real-time Peeks from your
12 Dec 2013

3D Photos Seene

Seene creates a new kind of shareable 3D photo that brings together image, depth and movement in a way that is both familiar and new. Taking a seene on your phone is simple. Point your phone at