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6 Nov 2012

Anti-Predator iPhone Case

If you often find yourself walking on lonely streets or dangerous situations alone, then the awesome new Coyote Case may just be what you need. This ingenious Smartphone cover not only protects your iPhone from scratches and
22 Oct 2012

Nokia Releases Bendable Phone Concept

Nokia hasn’t really ever had the coolest phones on the market. They are generally just those reserved for construction workers and project managers; the type of phone that is simply used to stay in touch and get the
3 Oct 2012

Trends in Mobile CRM

It’s worth noting that revenue for mobile device sales has outpaced PC and laptop sales in recent years. And whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or a freelance project manager of any kind, you understand
27 Aug 2012

Artkive Kids Art

ARTKIVE is the easiest and fastest way to chronologically store, share and print your child’s artwork or schoolwork. Never again feel guilty about throwing away artwork your kids bring home. Get rid of the clutter and start
28 Jul 2012

Emergency App for Lame Dates

The love pros at eHarmony invent an iPhone app that can be programmed to call with a fake “emergency,” allowing you to graciously escape a lame date. First, you’ll be able to choose precisely when the call
26 Jul 2012

Rapid Rescue Mobile App

In cheesy films when there’s an emergency and someone shouts “is there a doctor around?” one always appears from the crowd to help, but in the real world it often isn’t that easy to find someone with
10 Apr 2012

Friday Personal Assistant

Friday is an app that wants to automatically track your activity in order to provide a history of your communications, additional analysis, and even a search engine for your own life. With Friday, which now has around
30 Mar 2012

Dash, The Employee Health App

A great new app by Virgin HealthMiles, of Richard Branon’s Virgin Group, is taking seriously the responsibility companies have for the health of their employees. Based around the idea of providing wellness activities and mobile incentives for
12 Feb 2012

Store Pics on Everpix Cloud

Photo organization service Everpix just launched its first iPhone application. The app does two key things: it offers you a way to access your entire photo collection from your phone, plus it automatically uploads all your iPhone
27 Jan 2012

BiKN Helps You Keep Track of Your Life

If you’re one of those people that frequently misplaces their keys, wallet, or even remote, the BiKN iPhone app and attachment can help you keep track of all these items at all times. In fact, it will
12 Jan 2012

AppGreen: Your Mobile Catalog Builder

AppGreen offers an easy-to-use platform to build your own mobile catalog. AppGreen aims at assisting your sales activities, improving your sales efficiency and boosting your brand awareness. What industries need is a help in technology,” said Eric
29 Dec 2011

PhoneSuit – Charging Case for iPhone

Mashable: The PhoneSuit Elite’s claim to fame is its slimline dimensions and super-fast charge times. Measuring at just less than 17mm thick, it doesn’t add too much bulk to your handset but more than doubles battery life.