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19 Jun 2014

Scribble Colour Pen

Scribble is the first coloring device of its kind that can take the world of color around you and transfer it directly to either paper or your favourite mobile device. The Scribble pen and stylus pairs with
12 Mar 2014

Spritz Re-imagines Reading

Reading is inherently time consuming because your eyes have to move from word to word and line to line. Traditional reading also consumes huge amounts of physical space on a page or screen, which limits reading effectiveness
9 Oct 2013

Skydive Website

Chris Hirst and Huilin Zhao from Kiwi start up Designbymobile are claiming a world first for the creation of a webpage built in mid-air, while skydiving from 8,000 feet. Hirst and Zhao attempted their claimed world first
25 Feb 2013

Clipped Summaries

Clipped analyzes text grammatically to extract the most important information from an article. The algorithm identifies sentence structures statisitically, and graphically determines predicate-subject relationships to generate the best bullet-point summaries possible. Plus, Clipped re-reads all of its
21 Jan 2013


One of the drawbacks of a wholehearted conversion to ebooks is the loss of the personal library, without which spontaneous title browsing and recommendation-making among friends is less likely to occur. Ownshelf aims to keep this tradition
16 Oct 2012

Live Broadcast for Friends

Broadcast for Friends is a mobile app, created by popular lifestreaming service Ustream, which allows users to broadcast on their Facebook Timelines live footage as it is recorded on their mobile phones in real-time. There is no
15 Apr 2012

ContactMonkey Easy Sharing

ContactMonkey allow your contacts to download your contact information as quickly, seamlessly and accurately as possible. People will have no problem importing your contact details: ContactMonkey supports address books everywhere. By listing your information on ContactMonkey, you’ll
9 Apr 2012

Easy Animated Film Maker

iPhone app StopMotion Recorder is a point-and-click tool for creating homemade animated films in minutes. After setting up their movie’s starring objects, users tap the screen to shoot a photo, then can reposition the objects using the
6 Mar 2012

Video Clip to Flip Book

Relive those memorable moments by turning your video footage into a delightful hand crafted flip book with MyFlipBooks! It’s a great little idea to convert video clips into flip books delivered to your door in 1 week.
4 Jul 2011

Curated and Crowdsourced Radio

TrendCentral: Curation and crowdsourcing are the key concepts behind Jelli, an app that offers choosy listeners a collective, collaborative radio experience. Jelli provides a centralized portal for preexisting radio frequencies, putting a station’s playlist on display and