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15 Jun 2012

Lamborgini Luxury Tablet

Lamborgini will be releasing two new luxury gadgets, an Android smart phone and a tablet. The gold-plated smart phone will be the TL700. The phone is equipped with a 3.7-inch, 800×480-pixel screen faced with sapphire glass, and
17 May 2012

Gold-Coated Luxury Glasses

The fashionable heiress Victoria Beckham has launched a new 18-karat gold-coated mirrored lenses that will lend every sight a gold-tinted touch. The square-frame sunglasses finished with an oversized fit and signature pointed tips is a uber-cool pair
22 Apr 2012

Boca do Lobo’s 17th Century French Furniture

Boca do Lobo has gone by the dictum of ‘We strive to encourage sensational experience’, and their attempt at the Versailles sofa proves it pretty much strongly. For those who are addicted to the décor and style
16 Jan 2012

Dragon Phones from Vertu

BornRich: Though Nokia may not have made much news of recent except for the new Windows smart phones, their luxury division, Vertu continues to make waves in the lifestyle division by creating precious hand crafted mobile handsets,
13 Jan 2012

Diamond App

Popgadget: First, everyone had a web site. Now, everyone has an app. Even your diamond has an app, that is, if it’s the Forevermark, the diamond brand from the De Beers Group of Companies.(“Forevermark: the Promise” is
26 Dec 2011

Mirrorcube: The Treehotel Experience

The Mirrorcube is designed to be “the epitome of sustainable luxury.” Crafted by Scandinavian architects Tham & Videgard Arkitekter these contemporary dwellings disappear into their surroundings. The mirrored surface reflects the surroundings, making the cube nearly invisible,
26 Nov 2011

Diamond Bathtub

BornRich: This time, Sabbia, a well known company for crafting elegant bath tubs, has launched an exclusive collection of Swarovski studded bath tubs. The limited edition collection is adorned with 4030 hand applied Swarovski crystals. The bathtub
15 Oct 2011

Premium CalypsoCase

CalypsoCase is a premium protective case for the iPhone. Hand crafted from real silver, titanium and premium Italian leather. Each CalypsoCase reflects fashionable leather, colours and glowing shades of silver.
21 May 2011

Swarovski-studded Screwdriver

BornRich: This Swarovski-studded screwdriver won’t do anything else but screws. Bosch made this limited edition Swarovski-studded IXO cordless screwdriver lately to celebrate the IXO becoming the world’s best-selling power tool, with 10 million units being sold since
17 May 2011

i-sopod Flotation Tank

Designed to take floatation into the 21st Century the i-sopod flotation tank is the result of many years meticulous planning and testing. It is constructed from the finest quality GRP double-skinned mouldings and is hand finished and