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13 Dec 2004

Dogs Live A Luxurious Life…

The Independent: They are dressed in designer outfits, spend their days working out on the treadmill and take holidays in luxury accommodation. It’s a dog’s life in the 21st century, it seems. While pet pampering may once
13 Dec 2004

Bug Me Not

Duluth News Tribune: Rolf Reifgies always got in trouble at the airport security checkpoint because of his suspenders. Whenever the Wisconsin businessman flew out of Minneapolis, Milwaukee or Madison, the metal in his suspenders set off the
2 Nov 2004

Make Money Satisfying Religious Needs

Orthodox Jews are forbidden to work, write, drive or perform other activities from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday to keep the Sabbath holy. Cooking or fire lighting are not allowed too in the home, including its modern
4 Jul 2004

Stylish Media Racks!

Is your CD rack an eyesore? Are you having storage problems? If your answer is yes to any of the above question, then it is high time that you consider getting a rack that is stylish and