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16 Nov 2006

Garden Offices

Springwise: For everyone who’d like to escape office politics and the daily commute, iscape manufactures and sells purpose-built garden offices. Both are multi-use outdoor living spaces, but the Miana was specifically designed to be used as an
10 Jul 2006

Ventilated Door

Gizmodo: The Light + Air door is designed to enhance cross ventilation without giving up any security or light. Slide a lever to the right, and the circular openings are exposed—not big enough for anyone to stick
19 Jun 2006

Washroom Fun

Uber-Review: It’s official, Sudoku has jumped the shark. Why read the newspaper during your washroom visit, when you can challenge your brain with Sudoku. As the site puts it, “if you make a mistake no-one need know,
5 Jun 2006

Fit & Fresh

Providence Business News: Stories about the trials of eating healthy at work led MEDport, a Providence product development and design firm that also markets, distributes, warehouses and manufactures consumer health care products, to try to find a
26 May 2006

Hook Them Up

CoolBuzz: You hang your clothes on a laundry pole after washingsun dries your car once you wash it…but what about your shoes and sandals? One cannot hang them anywhere. However, if sandals are somewhat like these Hook
22 May 2006

Tilted Soup Bowls

Chicago Sun-Times: Willie Jacobs, a 69-year-old retired machinist, was doodling on a napkin while rehabbing from a heart attack when he came up with the concept for a tilted soup bowl. Seven years later, with a patent
15 May 2006


Treehugger: Here’s a little something for burgeoning urban gardeners and those without green thumbs alike. We featured AeroGrow’s aeroponics system back in the day, before it was available for sale; we’re happy to say that it has
15 May 2006

Outdoor Party Lights

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Goodbye tiki torches. There are some interesting new deck/patio/backyard lighting products out that could make your next party a knockout (after the food, comes the mood). is selling solar globe lights that come
15 Apr 2006

Dream Homes

BizReport: Zillow, which provides free, anonymous home value estimates, has struck a deal with Microsoft Corp. to offer detailed pictures of homes using the software company’s “bird’s-eye” mapping technology. The technology, which is the same offering found
13 Apr 2006

Shower Curtains

DailyCandy: You like it hot. Hot and steamy. Spine-tingling, really. So much so that it takes you to a place far, far away. Mind out of the gutter, please. Focus. We’re talking about a shower, here. Namely,