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17 Jan 2018

A Woven House

Located in the small Maharashtra town of Ichalkaranji, India, Woven House was designed by Sunil Patil & Associates with inspiration coming from the textile weaving industry that the city is known for. Throughout the house, the textiles can be spotted on
10 Jan 2018

Control Your Smart Home With A Turn Of Your Wrist

Nanoleaf‘s new Remote allows users to easily control the company’s Light Panels and other HomeKit products. The device aims to take the frustration out of controlling multiple smart home products with numerous apps by simplifying tasks into the single
6 Jan 2018

Smart Roof Extension

Brussels practice Notan Office completed a roof extension and water tank project in a crowded urban area of Beirut, Lebanon. The unconventional extension has a total surface of 250 square meters (2,691 square feet). “In Beirut roofs are inhabited,
6 Jan 2018

Tube House No Longer A Dream

Here’s one of the more unusual housing ideas we’ve come across in a while. The OPod Tube House, by James Law Cybertecture, is a micro house made from concrete water piping that measures just 2.5 m (8.2 ft)
4 Jan 2018

House With “Two Skins”

A Chilean beach house provides comfort all year around while allowing guests to enjoy the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Architect firm Veronica Arcos achieved this with the “Two Skins House,” which stabilizes temperatures with two
2 Jan 2018

Sustainable Architecture

Built to target environmental and social sustainability, the timber-framed house minimizes its energy and resource footprint and is designed for aging in place. Set on 30 acres of forested land, the 2,900-square-foot Pound Ridge Residence opens up to
1 Dec 2017

Fynoti – The $9 Home Security System

Fynoti is a Danish-based startup company that aims to deliver the most cost-effective home, personal and neighborhood security solutions to its clients. Customers can buy a Fynoti for as low as $9 with no ongoing monthly fees.
23 Nov 2017

Torchcity, The Only All-In-One Bulb Smart Home Security Kit

Making homes smarter shouldn’t be rocket science. At Torchcity smart light bulb, making homes smarter is as simple as installing a light bulb. Its intuitive mobile App allows users to have full control of a suite of smart home
7 Nov 2017

Egloo Personal Fireplace Powered By Candles

Egloo is a new eco-friendly way to heat, scent and humidify your room enclosed in a smart product with a unique design. Egloo gives users a simple and sleek cost-effective heating method. Egloo utilizes the natural heat
6 Nov 2017

Patented Cleaning PollyCloth without Chemicals

PollyCloth has developed a patented cleaning cloth that removes more bacteria than disinfectant wipes with just water.  Independent lab tests show that Polly removes bacteria better than bleach and paper towels. At last, you can finally remove bacteria from