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17 Jan 2018

Relief The Pain In Your Feet With This!

This is the polyester wrap that provides soothing, deep-penetrating heat to relieve stiffness and pain in the feet and ankles. When gently wound around the affected area, the targeted heat increases circulation and eases discomfort, whether caused
16 Jan 2018

A Wearable Alternative to Traditional Hospital Drips

IV-Walk, designed by Alissa Rees, reinvents the traditional IV pole. Instead of the cold metal pole, the IV-Walk is soft, flexible and more human. The product allows patients to walk around more freely, enabling them to get
16 Jan 2018

SkinScanner- Beautify Your Skin Flaws

The company announced today a hardware product called SkinScanner that attaches to the upper portion of a smartphone and, using a combo of sensors, is supposed to give users the kind of magnified image of their facial
15 Jan 2018

Torch Coat Heater

The Torch Coat Heater is a battery-operated heater that is designed to fit seamlessly inside any style coat, allowing you to transform your jacket into a battery powered heated jacket. You can use the Torch Coat Heater
14 Jan 2018

The Walking Assistant

Face it… you’re going to age! By then, you’ll appreciate having as many alternatives as possible to get around. Designed as an introduction to assistive mobility, the walking wheel takes inspiration from the traditional walking stick without
14 Jan 2018

Sleep With Sweet Dreams

Dubbed SmartSleep, Philips’ newest sleeping gadget is essentially a soft foam headband that you slip over your noggin before laying down to rest. It goes a little further than other sleep gadgets that simply monitor the quality
14 Jan 2018

Bidding Sleep Deprivation Goodbye

This advanced, Wi-Fi-enabled pad sits under your mattress, and not only delivers personalized sleep analysis, but also offers the ability to control your smart home through IFTTT integration. Nokia’s Health Mate app is also now compatible with
13 Jan 2018

No More Mosquitoes!

You don’t need us to tell you that mosquitos are no good. At best, they are a nuisance and, at worst, a vector for deadly diseases. When it comes to stopping mosquitos in their tracks, there are
12 Jan 2018

Revolutionary Blood Glucose Sensor

For many diabetics, regular monitoring of blood glucose is simply a part of staying healthy; and that means firing a sharp, spring-loaded pin into your finger to obtain a blood sample several times a day. It’s not
11 Jan 2018

No More Snoring?

Snore Circle is a revolutionary device that uses modern technology to solve an age old problem…snoring. Worn at night, this soft, lightweight anti snoring device fits snugly around your ear and monitors your breathing and bone vibrations