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2 Nov 2006

Coloured Hair Down There

Strange New Products: Betty Beauty is the name of a hair coloring made especially for pubic hair. Apparently many hair salons have made the practice of providing women with a brown bag of hair coloring to match
22 Oct 2006

Straight Up Hairstyling Machine

Trendhunter: Beautiful Vending, a UK company, has released a hair straightener vending machine. Their site describes, “We all know how frustrating the British weather can be, the rain, wind and even the heat can cause perfectly styled
22 Aug 2006

Mobile Dentist

IHT: Samantha Taube stepped out of the MGM Grand hotel and casino into the bright sun to walk to the parking lot. After a short distance, she approached a trailer, entered, sat in a dentist’s chair and
22 Jun 2006

Ingestible Skin Care

Strange New Products: Borba, a manufacturer of cosmetics and skin care products, extended its line of “ingestible skin care” products with its new “Chocolate Clarifying Bar”. The zit-zapping confection contains Borba’s “Skin Balance Clarifying Aqua-Less Crystalline Powder”
11 Jun 2006

Slimming Toothpaste

Iconoculture: Hungry? Go brush your teeth. White Glo Crave Away and F.A.S.T. are two toothpastes that claim to curb hunger cravings with herbal formulas that signal the brain that the body has eaten. Consumers hot on the
23 May 2006

Toothbrush Tech Leave it to the folks at MIT to develop high-tech…toothbrushes? And not just any toothbrush, but “toothbrush toys promoting good dental hygiene.” Instructor Barry Kudrowitz’s Toy Product Design course created protypes of kid-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste
19 May 2006

Melting fats

Blissworld: Want the ‘outside’ skinny? This new water-resistant broad spectrum sunscreen actually helps you fight the look of fat while lying on the beach! With exclusive sun-activated spheres that release the visual slimming effect of caffeine molecules
16 Apr 2006

New Medical Trend in China

Entrez PubMed: Chinese biomedical scientists are now developing a new approach to medicine by combining traditional Chinese medicine and Western biomedical science. This is the current medical trend in China. Some significant results have already been achieved.
12 Apr 2006

Ethical Beauty

News & Star: For those dismayed by Anita Roddick’s “sell-out” to L’Oreal and who have sworn never to darken the Body Shop’s doorstep again, the hunt is on for alternatives. There was a time when “ethical beauty”
21 Mar 2006


Israel21c: The first thing most people probably feel like doing after talking with Theodore Welt and Jonathan Weisberg is brushing their teeth and cleaning their tongues. It’s not because they’re disgusting or anything, quite the contrary. It’s