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27 May 2016

Three Things Every Business Owner Should Know

As a business owner, there can be an incredible amount for you to juggle whilst maintaining the appearance of a ringmaster. Fortunately, there's lots of information out there to inform and support you to make sense of
5 Oct 2015

How can your business reap the rewards of the surge in market growth

It’s easy to spend all of your life in business considering the worst case scenario. Saving money for a rainy day, having a contingency plan if things go wrong and growing slowly but surely are all admirable
17 Sep 2015

3 Ways Startup Leaders Can Improve Their Workforce

Having the right team is an important step toward making a startup successful. About 23 percent of startup founders who experience failure say that they simply did not have the right team. This makes it crucial for
30 Jun 2009


Have you got a product or service that you want to market to the whole world? Do you want your business concept to spread virally via word-of-mouth? Well, is the right platform for you to showcase
29 Mar 2009

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21 Mar 2009

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26 Feb 2008 is a trends agency focused on developing exciting tools for Trend Spotting. We follow current trends and are constantly looking for new ones. We specialize in trends research and the social media. Dr. Taly Weiss, TrendsSpotting
26 Feb 2008

Graeme Spicer

With 20 years of experience in both agency and client environments, Graeme Spicer offers a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing today’s retailers. Most recently as Director of Retail Strategy at DW+Partners, Canada’s leading brand
26 Feb 2008

Christopher Aceto

Christopher Aceto currently heads Thottfield Inc., a small multimedia and communications consultancy based in Toronto, Canada. Always on the hunt for innovative and exciting ideas, his passion for the creation and production of ground-breaking technologies and services
15 Apr 2004

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1 Apr 2004

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1 Apr 2004

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