All New Business Ideas in Gadgets

16 Dec 2004

Counting the Calories

Wired News: The most popular dieting brands are now weighing in with calorie counters and nutritional guides designed for personal digital assistants and combination PDA-mobile phones. Just in time for the season of bountiful temptation. Weight Watchers
13 Dec 2004

Shower radio

Tech Digest: You are cordially invited to join us dancing naked in the shower this Christmas. We’ll be singing like idiots along with Magic FM in a vain attempt to use up the endless supplies of stinky
10 Nov 2004

A Bible in your iPod

It’s a great idea for those seeking God’s guidance via handheld devices: California-based start-up BiblePlayer is offering free downloads of the Bible for use with Apple Computer’s iPod. The brainchild of Los Angeles-based programmer Pablo Mendigochea, BiblePlayer
3 Oct 2004

Courting the Rich Elite

Increasingly, companies are learning that in order to sell to the rich and wealthy elite, they have to remake their products and combine three important elements: design, luxury and high technology. The rich elite have pockets deep
27 Aug 2004

Youths: My Dream Gizmos

It seems that if you can pack three elements, 1) multiple functions, 2) lightness, and 3) low prices into your gizmos and gadgets, you may be able to succeed in luring back-to-school shoppers to part with their
20 Aug 2004

Disposable Digital Cameras

Pure Digital Technologies has made the world’s first truly disposable digital camera for nationwide sale. The Pure Digital camera, which costs $19.99, has a color preview screen and the ability to delete pictures. After you bring it
6 Aug 2004

Train with the MP3RUN

Sometimes, it’s a smart move to incorporate new features into existing consumer gadgets to suit consumers with special needs, like athletes. Philips and Nike have introduced the MP3RUN, a digital audio player with the innovative speed &