All New Business Ideas in Gadgets

1 Apr 2005

Puppy/Polar Bear Children’s Fridge

Gizmodo: A fridge so adorable that you could just eat it up is really the last thing you want when struggling with your diet [You actually wrote that? —ed.], but for the skinny crowd, Fujitronic makes a
1 Apr 2005

Hello Kitty Invades The Xbox

Engadget: Yes, it’s true. It was only a matter of time until Hello Kitty worked her evil magic upon this particular gadget, as she has on oh so many others. The Hello Kitty Crystal Xbox Console takes
18 Mar 2005

Bodybugg Calorie Management System

Popgadget: Ever wondered exactly how many calories you burn while sitting perfectly still but having a massive panic attack? You can’t find out those kinds of things in fitness magazines. Bodybugg, an armband calorie monitor can tell
4 Mar 2005

Microsoft Child Surveillance Toy

Shiny Shiny: How to give your child a lifelong uneasy feeling that it’s being watched: sit this ugly stuffed toy into the corner of its room. This Teddy Bear is something Microsoft’s been showing off recently. It’s
21 Feb 2005

Intellimug – Warm Beverages In Your Car

Shiny Shiny: Been on a stakeout recently? No, us neither, but if we ever had reason to go on a stakeout, this is the cup we’d want with us. The Intellimug plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter
15 Feb 2005

Hugms: Hugs Over SMS

Popgadget: You can’t but this (yet), but Mark Argo’s Hugms would be popular today. Another great thesis from ITP, Hugms sends a text message when you squeeze your Bluetooth-connected, light-up sensor. The message varies depending on how
15 Feb 2005

Archimedes: Chia Pet Meets Tamagotchi

Cool Hunting: Like the Tamagotchi, Archimedes is a little friend from Japan brought to you as a way to care for and consider the meaning of life. Unlike the Tamagotchi, which was digital, Archimedes is analog. You
14 Jan 2005

Hand Crank Radio Cell-phone Charger

Popgadget: Battery-less radios and flashlights, powered by hand cranking, have been out for a while now but Hisatomi Electric Ind. Co in Japan has put a new twist on these emergency gadgets. Their new flashlight will also
13 Jan 2005

Disposable Phone Charger

Mobile Digest: Not entirely sure if they appeal to our environmentally-friendly side but a company called Cellboost is offering the first ever disposable battery recharger for mobile phones. As soon as your handset battery goes blink you
11 Jan 2005

Nokia 6820 Gets An Upgrade

Tech Digest: Nokia’s 6822 has just been announced. The company’s latest messaging phone comes with that full fold out keyboard the 6820 introduced that lets you type away in full QWERTY layout. The model also comes with