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1 Aug 2004

Mixing Coffee With Music

On the new Starbucks menu: cappuccino, muffin, and jazz music! Starbucks has teamed up with their Hear Music brand to open a new innovative coffeehouse cum music listening bar. The newly opened Hear Music Coffeehouse in Santa
18 Jul 2004

Not Satisfied? Full Refund Available

Electrical goods retailers are known to offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, but we didn’t know that you could extend that concept to the Food & Beverage industry. Here in Singapore,
4 Jul 2004

Abre-Facil (“Easy Open”)

Don’t you just hate it when the task of opening a can is so painful? Or troublesome? Despite the fact that can-openers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it still is a little cumbersome to have to use it
16 Jun 2004

Fruity Spring Water

Adding to the ever growing myriad of drinks (of every flavour and kind imaginable) that hits the supermarket shelves is the Natural Berry Relaxing Fruit2O Plus. Unlike what its name suggests, it is not a fruit juice
16 Jun 2004

Fast Food Cereals

The latest fast-food concept is so absurdly simple, self-indulgent and reflective of one’s inner child that, well, how can it fail? Imagine a food stand that resembles the kitchen of your house and serves nothing but cereal
30 May 2004

Cereal That Taste Like Cookies

Tired of having to wake up every morning to the same old breakfast cereal? Not anymore! You can now break the old routine, as Nestle Singapore (Pte) Ltd presents you with its latest innovative offering – the
16 May 2004

Innovation + Style = Lots of Customers

2 interesting business ideas in the F&B industry were reported in the Straits Times recently: High-tech Dimsum – Dimsum lovers can dine in a totally unique local restaurant (iDimsum: Parco Bugis Junction, #02-53) that serves piping hot