All New Business Ideas in Fashion

11 Sep 2014

Fashion Hunting

With the proliferation of image aggregation platforms—think Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.—people often run across photos of products whose origins are unknown but that they want to track down. Enter The Hunt, a website that provides a community for fashion
2 Sep 2014

Nanotech Waterproof T-Shirt

Melbourne based company Threadsmiths has solved the age-­old problem of stained white T-shirts by synthesizing a fully hydrophobic T­-shirt, ­ the first in the world to be available to the public. Dubbed “The Cavalier” ­ the 100% cotton
23 Jun 2014

Z Dress

Z Dress is a patent pending invention of one dress that converts to four styles! Enables women to transform their look in a matter of minutes. Great for light travelling. Z Dress Lookbook from Anastasia on Vimeo.
14 Jan 2014

Fire Hose Belt

Have you ever imagined what is the usual life of a fire hose? Well, probably not. So let’s look at it: fire hose is produced from a very sustainable material and is being used to extinguish fires
28 Oct 2013

Curated Menswear

There are a thousand other things that men would rather be doing. Like golf, or watching the game with your boys. Boxed Menswear is an online company which aims to take care of some it for you. Ordering
2 Oct 2013

One Lens, Many Frames

While it’s easy to change tops, pants, or shoes depending on the situation, the status quo for glasses is to have one pair of frames for everything. As glasses wearers ourselves, we should have the same choice
26 Sep 2013

Burial Fashion

Pia Interlandi’s clothes are to die for. No, really. Her bespoke label, Garments for the Grave, caters to clients who want something special to wear for their final occasion. The idea started with a funeral: As Interlandi
9 Aug 2013

Bloody Cleaver Ring

This is the one ring that’ll shock most people when they see it. (Aside from a wedding ring, that is, but this kind of ring is more of a good surprise than a scary, gory one…) The
24 Jun 2013

Chic Stylish Diaper Bags

If you’re a mom who has a passion for fashion but are bored to tears with the status quo, you’ve found your style utopia. Mom-created House of Botori offers contemporary mom and baby diaper bags and accessories
19 Feb 2013

Tie Society

Tie Society provides higher-quality, better looking ties and neckwear for less by circumventing traditional supply channels, allocating costs more efficiently and engaging directly with customers. Members select a monthly plan that varies from one to ten ties
31 Jan 2013

The OnlyHeart Promise

OnlyHeart is a gift that can only be given to one person. It is an innovative concept in gift giving, whereby an individual is only able to give their OnlyHeart to one person and never again to
6 Dec 2012

Animal Haircomb

The Elk Antler Comb Hair piece is made of animal tusks. Designer JP McCairn, who has now put the product up for sale on Etsy, maintains its 100% cruelty-free status despite the nature of the materials. McCairn