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30 Oct 2013

Confetti High Fives

The Fiesta-Five is a new product that lets you blast confetti from your hands whenever you give a high-five. It’s re-loadable and shoots biodegradable confetti, adding color and noise to this classic celebration.  It’s high-fives on steroids!
21 Oct 2013

Pokoto – The Challenge

LisbonLabs, a portuguese start-up developing mobile apps and web services worldwide, presents POKOTO – The Challenge. Pokoto is the poking God and wants you to join his quest against the evil eyes. Be careful: they’re very tricky
17 Oct 2013


LisbonLabs, a portuguese start-up developing mobile apps and web services worldwide, presents BEBOPS Kids, the next big band in your hands. Following BEBOPS release and complying the latest App Store guidelines for kids’ safety, BEBOPS Kids features
7 Sep 2013

Virtual Teresa Teng Takes the Stage with Jay Chou

Jay invited Teresa duet across time and space: “If I could through time, back to 30 years ago, how honoured it would be to sing a song with her.” True to an extent so that the audience
31 Jul 2013

Pop-Up Hotel

Pop-up shops and restaurants have become all the rage in recent years and now there’s a hotel with a similar concept: the Tender2 by Royal Botania. Situated on the shores of Knokke-Heist in Belgium, the pop-up hotel
7 Jun 2013

Largest Outdoor Pool in Japan

The Dotonburi Canal is already known for swimming-only by the occasional Hanshin Tiger fan, who are known to take a dip when the team wins a championship. The area has already undergone a massive rehabilitation, turning the
27 May 2013

Smart Guitar Etune

Make tuning your guitar a thing of the past by picking up a new model with Gibson Min-ETune. This clever, battery-powered robot tuner can tune all six strings in just seconds, and delivers over 75 tunings per
7 May 2013

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

My family is addicted to jigsaw puzzles. When a special birthday came up for one of my daughters, I prepared a photo collage using and ordered a photo jigsaw puzzle from Venus Puzzle. The puzzle comes
24 Apr 2013

Mood Adjusted Music

Developed by Japan-based Neurowear, the Mico headset looks like a regular pair of headphones, with the addition of an EEG reader that rests on the forehead and senses neural activity. Analyzing the signals enables the device to
21 Feb 2013

Novel With Extra Content At Real-World Locations

The Silent History is a groundbreaking novel, written and designed specially for iPad and iPhone, that uses serialization, exploration, and collaboration to tell the story of a generation of unusual children. The story is told through daily