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1 Aug 2004

Hail The World’s First Advert Channel!

Can you imagine watching a TV channel that shows nothing but advertisements after advertisements? Having to bear with advertisements that interrupt your favourite TV shows is bad enough; why would anyone want to watch Advert Channel, UK’s
22 Jul 2004


Let’s play ball! Mindball is a game where two players control a ball with their brain waves. The most relaxed player wins the game by making the ball roll over to the opponent?s goal, with his brain
30 May 2004

Soap Confidential: Unfolding the Drama

Drama and more drama! Soap Confidential is a new program designed to give ABC soap fans sneak preview information from their favorite characters through premium text messaging service. Fans who sign up for Soap Confidential will receive
30 May 2004

Low-cost, No-frills Budget Cinema

You may have heard of low-cost, no-frills airlines such as Valuair and AirAsia, but what about a budget cinema? Enter easyCinema, the world’s first frills-less cinema where you can watch movies for as low as 20 pence