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14 Aug 2005

Cool Designs

Cool Hunting: The latest from New York label Yoko Devereaux’s Blue Boy Etiquette line uses meta-design to critique the Targetization of our lives. Subversive styles include “Wall Art” (pictured here), a black on white splattered H&Mass Market,
26 Jul 2005

Kitchen’s Helper

We Make Money Not Art: Peter D’Alessandro’s Magnetic Mixer is a concept for a kitchen work surface and mixer. The work surface is embedded with magnets and a heating element, when the magnetic mixer is placed on
23 Jul 2005

Scrolling Belt Buckles A new accessory has wrapped its way around the waists of New York City’s trendsetters. Scrolling LED belt buckles in vibrant colors allow hipsters to display personalized messages in rhinestone-studded frames. The battery-powered buckles hold six
18 Jul 2005

Graffiti Design

DailyCandy: All the nights spent scaling buildings, tagging bridges, scribing walls with your crew. Maybe you wanted to mark your territory. Maybe you wanted fame. Too bad you’ve been busted. Sucka! While under house arrest, ditch the
1 Jul 2005

More Than Plain Gray Homeowners who want something other than plain gray curbing in their landscape now have a myriad of options thanks to a new Blount County business. Johnny Bishop, owner of Curb Appeal, said, “We mainly do decorative
3 Jun 2005

Aesthetic Counts

Springwise: As we’re rapidly moving towards Dan Pink’s right-side brain, design-loving, aesthetics-driven economy, an abundance of opportunities has opened up for smart designers. One sector ripe for the picking: computers. After all, Apple is pretty much the
23 May 2005

Love Fakes?

Iconoculture: As fakes become harder to spot – and more expensive – taking the low road has become more acceptable. And Millennials just love to make a stylish statement. Dutch design boutique Mind What You Wear takes
28 Apr 2005

Muscovie’s Molecular Jewelry

Iconoculture: Live for the rush … and proud of it? Muscovie Design jewelry is stylish, even subtle, molecular-based jewelry that lets adrenaline, serotonin, and caffeine junkies wear their passion. The sterling-silver earrings, rings, and necklaces sprout circles
27 Apr 2005

Best Campus

Yenra: Vista del Campo, a student housing development on the University of California, Irvine campus, was named Best Student Housing Apartment Community by the National Association of Home Builders. The award went to the complex’s architectural firm,
17 Apr 2005

More Than Just a Silver Spoon

The New York Times: Babies wearing emeralds? Well, why not? In the last year, two categories in retailing seem to be doing well: infants and luxury. Witness the success of Babies “R” Us, even as Toys “R”