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17 Jan 2005

My Treehouse

We Make Money Not Art: The HangOut is a 2.9 meters diameter housing module designed — by Vancouver-based Tom Chud — to be suspended from a tree. It comes with a double bed, counter, table, bench seats
6 Jan 2005


We Make Money Not Art: Biojewelry, developed by Tobie Kerridge and Nikki Stott, combines biotech and design to give a new emphasis to debates concerning genetics. Biojewelry allows two persons to undergo a biopsy, in which each
29 Dec 2004

More Sega PC USB Controllers

Gizmodo: Sega has released more USB controllers for PCs, available in a variety of new colors, including the always sassy pink. I’ve never been a Sega controller man, myself, preferring the SNES pad on the whole, but
20 Dec 2004

Duct Tape as a Fashion Accessory?

BusinessWeek: During a long, 1,500-mile drive home from their son’s college campus, David Pippenger and his wife were talking duct tape. Not for plumbing, furniture repair, or even the rare heating-duct patch. No, they were discussing fashion
18 Dec 2004

Design Wins

MPIO has received the highly rated iF product design award from International Forum Design for its MPIO FL300 flash MP3 player. “Design is a focal point of our product development, so this success is a result of
5 Nov 2004

Web House

How would it feel like to sleep in a Web House? What is a Web House anyway? Designed by London firm m3architects, the Web House indeeds explores the changing nature of the house within the fabric of
9 Sep 2004

Whimsical but Practical

Have you ever wanted furniture that are practical but yet have a whimsical element for your precious child? Besides wanting the furniture to be well made, you probably would also want something that is modern, edgy and
4 Jul 2004

Shop for Clothes at Home!

The days of driving into town, looking for a parking space, fighting with others for changing rooms, zipping in and out of new types of clothes, and eventually going home frustrated and empty-handed may be over. Now
16 Jun 2004

The Swiss Army Knife of the Eyewear Industry

Wouldn’t it be great to eyewear that not only own protects your eyes but also to have in possession features for taking care of your eyewear? Well, we are introducing to you the noble hides? multi-function eyewear