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12 Jan 2005

Idiot-proof PCs For Our Grandmothers

The Register: A Dutch company has developed a PC to ease old people’s fear of computers. In May 2005 Secure Internet Machines (SIM) will introduce three versions of its simPC, which comes preloaded with software and services,
22 Dec 2004

Knomo Bags

Tech Digest: The fact that Knomo won Shiny Shiny’s Accessory award at our awards evening the other week (yes, we know we promised to stop banging on about them, but we lied) will give you a clue
14 Dec 2004

Sony’s PlayStation Portable goes on sale

Japan Today: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc entered the handheld video game market Sunday with the sale of its new PlayStation Portable, pitting it against competitors ahead of the holiday sales period. PSP users can play full-scale 3D-CG
26 Sep 2004

Consumers love their pets…

…and so, they are usually more than willing to spend that extra bucks on goods and products that make their dogs’ (or cats’, if you’d prefer) lives more comfortable. See, for example, the Dog Dish from Everyday
12 Aug 2004

“The Safest Rest You’ve Ever Had”

That’s what the makers of Quantum Sleepers promise you. A Quantum Sleeper is an one-of-its-kind innovation; more than just a plain bed, it is a high-level security system designed for maximum protection when resting in various hostile