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29 Jul 2005

Scandinavian Trends Sonoma’s new Scandinavian Trends offers a bright assortment of gifts and collectibles as sweet as a Christmas kringle. Launched earlier this month by Danish natives Chris and Merete Bendtsen, the shop brims with Norwegian trolls, Swedish
28 Jul 2005

Laundry Rug for Lazy Bums

Iconoculture: If you can’t fight the sloth, embrace it. Making up for – not necessarily fixing – our bad habits gives lazy homeowners a fun Ready, Set, Go! kick. Wahoo! There’s an easy cleanup cure for dirty
19 Jul 2005

Only I Have it

BizReport: sells nearly 200 styles of sneakers for men and women — which, for some footwear fiends, apparently isn’t choice enough. In fact, the convenience of being able to shop online isn’t enough. Enter, the
9 Jul 2005

VoiceSave TJ Walker, a professional speaker and media trainer, has developed a new throat spray, TJ’s VoiceSave, for executives, sales people, political leaders and talk show hosts. The spray simulates natural lubricants in the vocal apparatus in
17 Jun 2005

Stink No More

DailyCandy: Do you smell something? It was there when you got up this morning. There was still a hint of it on your route to work. And even now it lingers. But you can’t quite put your
16 Jun 2005

Breathing Shoes

The Australian: Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie wears them; so do Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, King Juan Carlos of Spain and Prince Albert of Monaco. They’re Italy’s all-the-rage Geox shoes, pioneered by Italian entrepreneur Mario Polegato. They’re
10 Jun 2005

Everything DIY

DailyCandy: Some would find your attitude negative. But you take comfort in accepting that there are some things you won’t do in this lifetime. Piloting a space shuttle, passing the bar, and swimming the English Channel are
8 Jun 2005

Chic Appliances

Iconoculture: Adding chic styling to old standbys lets stylish homeowners mix spicy, utilitarian elements throughout the home. Jenn-Air added glitz to fridges. Now the Maytag division’s Attrezzi line adds pizzazz to stand mixers, blenders, and toasters. Touted
28 May 2005

Reflective Wear

3M™: Whether at work or play, 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material helps you to be seen at dawn, dusk, or night, in all weather conditions. Versatility, performance and fashion come together in Scotchlite reflective material. Designers can easily
12 May 2005

Daddy’s Shorts

Iconoculture: “Have bottle, will travel!” That’s the modern parent’s bottle, er, battle cry. But where’s a dad to stash the immediate gotta-haves, like bottle, binkie, and wipes? Hook and Tackle figured out a manly way to make