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29 Dec 2016

HabitStrap Shapes Good Habits in 66 Days

HabitStrap is a single use wristband to help you to get motivated and stay on track during 66 days – the time it takes to form new virtuous habits or K.O. bad ones. It is worse than your mom and
14 Oct 2016

NoomiNoomi Baby Stroller Locker

Parents often rock their babies to sleep – as the rocking signals the cerebellum to slow down the baby’s heart rate and calms down the baby. In doing so, parents become their children’s sleep association and soon
13 Oct 2016

Power Toothpaste Launches World’s First Caffeinated Toothpaste

Power Toothpaste works like a normal toothpaste, but gives you an energizing boost as you brush that wipes away morning grogginess, working much faster than coffee or energy drinks. Power Toothpaste gives you a rush while you
20 Sep 2016

Reverence Tea Brewer

Reverence Tea Brewer designed as a sustainable tea brewer it is an energy and resource efficient teapot that combines traditional and modern elements in a harmonious way. The lower water pot is comprised of two chambers which
13 Sep 2016

iBand+ EEG headband that helps you Sleep and Dream

Imagine that while you are dreaming you could become aware of, and control your thoughts. You would have your own Inception like dream sequence – and could make the impossible, possible in your own virtual sleep reality.
9 Sep 2016

Precison Cheese Board

Serve your cheese in precise portions. CHEESE DEGREES has all the measurements you need for utterly accurate cuts. Durable 6 7/8″ x 8 1/2″ bamboo board with engraved measurements. Cheese Degrees [FredandFriends]
8 Sep 2016

Minimalist Tape Dispenser

Designer Pascal Heiler’s comma-shaped, centrifugal-cast niclafor (copper, nickel, and tin alloy) accessory is finished by hand and specified to fit 12 mm width adhesive tapes. To use, press onto the rocker-shaped ZYP-ZYP’s tapered end, cut required length
26 Aug 2016

Airtame 2.0 Let’s You Run Online Dashboards and Presentations on Any Screen

Airtame is a small wireless HDMI device that plugs into the HDMI port of any screen or projector. Unlike other wireless HDMI devices, nothing is plugged into your computer or smartphone. Simply download our app and stream
18 Aug 2016

Cord Keeper

This minimalist looking Cord Keeper makes sure your power cables stay on top of your desk or nightstand instead of flying off the back every time something is unplugged. Made by hand in Madison, Wisconsin from reinforced
1 Aug 2016

Wooden Rack Knife Holder

This beautiful knife holder made me look. Made from wooden branches, in all their natural glory, these pieces bring an air of art into everyday routine. Each rack is unique in its shape, color, and size. Fitted with