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10 Jan 2018

Taking Notes Made Easy With Scanmarker

Taking Notes is a long and arduous process. First, you have to read the whole thing and then highlight the important parts and then manually write them on your device. That is all going to change with
8 Jan 2018

Bike Lights Powered By Physics

When it comes to lights, cyclists typically have one of two options: Either a battery-powered light which needs replacing every so often or a dynamo-powered light which uses the spinning of your bike’s wheels to generate power, but
7 Jan 2018

Infusing Technology Into Workplace Furnitures

Its new Live OS is not really a furniture piece but a smart system. It’s designed by Yves Béhar, whose clients over the years have included Apple, Samsung and Prada. The Live OS system connects some of Herman
4 Jan 2018

Asetniop Touch Typing

Zack Dennis came to the rescue in 2012 with a chorded keyboard concept called ASETNIOP that used 10 input points for the most frequently-used letters in the English language, and a combination of finger inputs for the rest. Now
4 Jan 2018

Better Efficiency Quantum Dot Solar Windows

The double-pane windows were equipped with manganese-doped quantum dots, absorbing blue and ultraviolet, on the surface of the front glass pane, and copper indium selenide quantum dots, absorbing the rest of the spectrum, on the back pane’s
3 Jan 2018

Robotic Cat Pillow

Three weeks ago, Yukai Engineering wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign in which it raised approximately $110,000 for the Qoobo, which is a pillow with a robotic cat tail that responds to physical interaction with the user. Now,
24 Nov 2017

Chic and Dry Umbrellas from Beau Nuage

Beau Nuage umbrella (meaning “beautiful cloud” in French) is not a “simple umbrella”: it is a revolutionary project, bringing several innovations together to make your life easier. We created the first high quality and chic umbrella with its own drying cover,
22 Nov 2017

Sustainable Stockings

Sustainable fashion is having a moment. After years of fast fashion dominating the scene and subsequently polluting the environment, small designers and big companies alike are turning to more sustainable methods to produce everything from sneakers to jeans to T-shirts. And
21 Nov 2017

OMI Bottle with Hidden Pill Dispenser

OMI is a premium and stylish reusable water bottle with a hidden pill dispenser designed to keep you healthy and hydrated in style. OMI Bottle’s beautiful metallic color options and unique design makes it the perfect accessory to
15 Nov 2017

Hybrid Chair

The Hybrid Chair is currently Kickstarting by Rotterdam based Studio Lorier. A desk chair by day and a lounger by night (or during breaks), the piece is the ultimate small space staple. The frame, made of locally sourced solid oak wood,