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19 Jan 2018

The Trending Hologram Design

The hologram design trend is a force to be reckoned with. In its simplest terms, a hologram is a photograph of light that’s scattered from an object and then displayed in a three-dimensional way. You’ve seen holograms in many different
15 Jan 2018

Drone Delivery

Since there are still technical and legislative challenges to overcome regarding the widespread use of aerial delivery drones, ground-based models may actually end up beating them to entering frequent service. One of the latest to hit our radar is
9 Jan 2018

Food Trends 2018

Poke Bowls If you’re unfamiliar with poke bowls, they’re a bit like deconstructed sushi. They’re bowls full of rice, raw fish and various toppings. They originated in Hawaii, but in 2018 food experts say you can expect
9 Jan 2018

Customizable Autonomous Transportation

The auto industry continues to change, especially in urban environments that are seeking new, more efficient ways to keep people moving. Toyota’s e-Palette concept is essentially an autonomous, electric bus that can be customized for different needs
3 Jan 2018

Targetting The Millenials

It’s not surprising that sustainability is becoming a huge component of people’s shopping choices—or at least the perception of sustainability, according to a post on Fast Company. Marketing company The Shelton Group, run by Suzanne Shelton, share their findings about the
18 Nov 2017

Home-Based Businesses on the Rise: 5 Good Reasons to Work from Home

In recent years it was thought that home-based businesses were on the rise due to the Great Recession and a widespread loss of jobs across every industry. However, as the economy began to improve, fewer people than
13 Oct 2017

5 Steadily Rising 2017 Small Business Trends

Article Contributed by Anna Johansson Any entrepreneur or business-minded individual knows there are two things that are certain in business: taxes and change. Though there are timeless keys, like friendly customer service and the use of the
14 Sep 2017

A Step by Step Guide to Nailing Your Business Plan

Every business regardless of its type needs a business plan. Not only will your business plan provide you with direction, it’s an important document required for when you need to seek finance from a bank or an
9 Sep 2017

Changing Business Needs: Your Organisational Checklist

If your business has been up and running for a while, you’ll have noticed that some aspects of managing it have changed beyond recognition. The processes you historically followed have become inefficient, and staying on top of
3 Sep 2017

Top Tips for Cutting Costs Across Your SME

If you’re building a business, no doubt you’ll have heard the horror stories. According to some studies, only 20% of SMEs survive beyond their first year of operation, which is a daunting prospect when you’re pouring so