All New Business Ideas in Automobiles

27 Mar 2015

The Raht Racer

If you love biking to work, but wish you could get there a bit faster, then the Raht Racer is just the cycle for you. This hybrid vehicle amplifies pedal power to enable cyclists to travel at
1 Jan 2015

3D Car For Sale

It was at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show that we saw the launch of the world’s first 3D printed car, created by Local Motors. The Strati was the result of four and half months work and
13 Oct 2014

iceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield

IceScreen is a magnetic cover that blocks the ice and snow from your windshield. Never scrape ice off your windshield again. A universal problem with a practical solution. The iceScreen magnetic ice shield is reinforced with a
9 Oct 2014

Performance Winter Tyres

Driving in the winter season brings many concerns. For most Mums, the biggest concern is the children in the back seat. But if you’re faced with the school run, shopping, or a work commute, you don’t have
6 Jun 2014

Airless Tires

Flat bicycle tires could be a thing of the past thanks to BriTek‘s amazin Energy Return Wheel. Whereas most bike tires regulate tire firmness with air pressure, with the Energy Return Wheel one simply adjusts the tension
2 Apr 2014

Tire Pressure At A Glance

RightPSI is a tire cap that shows when your tires are underinflated, saving you money, keeping you safe, and helping the environment. RightPSI has created a tire pressure indicator that screws directly onto your tire valve stem.  The color-coded
24 Jan 2014

Drivable Ice Truck

oh, canada! automotive parts retailer and manufacturer canadian tire have tested the limits of their motomaster eliminator battery by freezing it to -40°c, and using it to start a pickup truck built from more than 11,000 lbs
28 Nov 2013

More Mobile Apartments

As rents continue to climb in New York City, many residents are hitting the road – but not in the way you might think. A few pioneering spirits, like Steven Cintron, who was recently profiled by the LA
11 Nov 2013

Drivemotion Communication

Drivemotion is a car gadget that allows drivers to communicate with each other with a remote controlled LED display that attaches inside your rear car window (facing the driver behind). Want to compliment that cute girl or
3 May 2013

V-Tent Car Charging and Protection Unit

V-Tent is an ecofriendly parking system that protects and charges vehicles. It is a collapsible canopy that can be used in both personal and public parking areas. Aiming to create a sustainable system for urban environment, V-Tent
12 Mar 2013

Portable Scooter

Consumers have been familiar with foldable bicycles for a while now thanks to brands such as Brompton. Now, eco-friendly Hungarian automotive firm Antro, has taken the logical next step and has created the Moveo, a lightweight electric scooter that
20 Feb 2013

Silvercar Easy Rental

Silvercar simplifies the airport car rental process to four steps and one 2013 silver Audi A4 — one  make, one model, one color, one choice. Users make an online reservation, download the Silvercar app, access the car