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3 Feb 2010

Marbling Art on Stone

Hurriyet Daily News: Saadet Erciyas, a female entrepreneur, and her team are creating decorative products by using the marbling art on Turkish natural stone. As part of the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture events, she is
29 Jan 2010

SmartyRents Straight to Your Door

SmartyRents offer a variety of educational video games for children from the ages of 9 months to 10 years. The “Netflix” of educational games has several rental packages available to allow you to find the best package
15 Mar 2009

Web 2.0 Classroom Dr. Lodge McCammon and his team at NC State’s Friday Institute for Educational Innovation have developed FIZZ – a suite of tools that allows teachers to implement safe Web 2.0 environments in the classroom, similar to
21 Oct 2008

Teaching Kids To Pay Up: The Dad Cab

All parents know how hectic, time-consuming and frustrating driving around kids and teens can be. Especially when the apple of your eye is a socially active, extra curricular maven that’s super involved in everything. In cases like
26 Sep 2008

GradeGenie is a study tool for the academic community. People use GradeGenie to assist with their studying capabilities by allowing members to access other member generated study material. Through the capability of searching, uploading, downloading, and mass
22 Jun 2008

Start Where You Are

Times Argus: Barcomb’s eighth-grade classmates at Barre Town Middle and Elementary School have been discussing career ideas, everything from nursing to playing professional basketball to flying a jet. Guidance counselor Ry Hoffman has held class with the
3 Jun 2008

Nature Calls

Nature Calls Studio’s mission is simple: to make your bathroom more fun with their unique bathroom art pieces that depict various animals answering the call of nature. It’s a great way to lighten up the mood in
15 Dec 2007

e-textbooks The paper version of “Psychology,” a popular college textbook by David G. Myers, weighs nearly 5 pounds and costs roughly $90 new and $70 used. The digital version is easy on a backpack and costs $55.
15 Dec 2007

WittFitt: Bouncy Seats

Iconoculture: WittFitt wants to harness kids’ propensity for movement and improve their fitness and focus by replacing classroom chairs with bouncy stability balls. The program educates students and teachers on benefits of a healthy spine and core
11 Jul 2007

Baby Jamz Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment has partnered with Planet Toys to launch the first ever hip-hop/rhythm inspired preschool toy line promoting creativity, learning and movement through music. Mr. Knowles, who has made it a top priority