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23 Mar 2011

E-library at Taiwan Airport

Springwise: The e-library, based in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, has four hundred titles in its collection — available in English or Chinese, and in ePub or Zinio formats — which can be read in the airport, but
21 Mar 2011

Peanut Butter Museum

Reveries: A pop-up gallery in New York City is dedicated to the art of the peanut-butter sandwich, reports Marshall Heyman in the Wall Street Journal (3/5/11). The Nutropolitan Museum of Art, on Mulberry Street, is sponsored by
28 Feb 2011

Textbook Chapters for Sale

Springwise: Focusing initially on education, business and the social sciences, UK-based Reference Tree aims to give higher-education students a way to purchase just the portions of the textbooks they need to efficiently complete their coursework. Publishers including
17 Jan 2011

Micro Cinema

Springwise: Cinemas around the world are faced with the challenge of recapturing the public’s imagination, creating a compelling experience to drag customers away from their smaller-screen rivals. The latest attempt we’ve spotted has taken a micro approach,
29 Dec 2010

Livescribe Smartpens

LATimes: Livescribe of Oakland sells a chip-powered ink pen equipped with a camera and audio recorder that’s designed to help people remember precisely what was said when they review their handwritten notes. It synchronizes its voice recording
19 Dec 2010

Intelligent Art

TrendCentral: Positioned as Pandora for the fine art world, helps users discover new artists by making intelligent recommendations based on the art that they already like. The service leverages the research of The Art Genome Project,
5 Dec 2010

iPods for Interactive Classes

monocleCAT demo and testimonials from Top Hat Monocle on Vimeo. Springwise: It’s not uncommon for educators to use student response systems (SRS) to engage their students and assess learning through polls, quizzes and other interactive tools. Most
2 Sep 2010

Flying Dragon Tattoo

DesignBoom: We have been following the development of augmented reality for a while now and this tattoo is one of the most unusual applications. The design is a simple barcode marker tattooed onto someone’s arm, which when
21 Jul 2010

Refound Art

ReFound is an exciting new concept, fusing reclaimed furniture and art. Using unwanted and past-its-prime furniture as the canvas, the ReFound artists transform reclaimed pieces into unique, functional artworks. Enjoy your very own hand-styled, individual and completely
3 Jun 2010

Baby-speaking for Foreign Language

Springwise: Learning a new language is often best achieved outside the classroom—when one is eating lunch, for example, or practicing one’s profession. Aiming to bring a similar philosophy to the education of children, Parisian Baby-speaking is an