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10 Apr 2013

Unique Shirt Not from Thread but Screws

We’re going to guess that you’ve never seen a shirt quite like this. It’s been over two years since we first came across the incredible screw portraits by Andrew Myers. The Laguna Beach-based artist stunned us with
15 Jan 2013

Art from Broken Skateboards

Self-taught sculpture artist Haroshi is using the discarded leftovers of broken skateboards to create striking wooden creations. The 35-year-old Tokyo resident, who prefers to not use his full name, began skating at age 15 in Kanagawa, amassing
7 Dec 2012

SMARTeacher Game for Maths

Canadian SMARTeacher has created educational software that recognizes and responds to a child’s emotions as they play. Targeting children aged 5-11 and using an immersive fantasy Pokemon-style game format called Prodigy, the organization is able to deliver
7 Nov 2012

Punchdrunk Real Performance

Punchdrunk is a UK performance group, who for the past couple of years has been staging a version of Macbeth, Sleep No More in New York, to sell out crowds, in 100,000 sq. ft. of former nightclub
3 Feb 2012

Square Inches of Love

L.A. based architectural design company, OPeX studios, initiated a public project titled “Square Inches of Love” with the goal of demonstrating the power of collective effort and creativity and the ability of virtual efforts to render great
17 Oct 2011

Online Searchable College Essays

Acceptional offers the only online database of college admission essays from the top 25 U.S. universities, searchable by many factors. Taps into the widespread use of technology and social media among students to seek information, allowing users
19 Sep 2011

Buy Art on Mobile announced today the official launch of its mobile website, The launch represents another milestone for the company as it continues its strides in technological innovation and maintains itself as a leader in the online home
12 Jul 2011

Art Sumo

Art Sumo allows you to discover the work of under-appreciated artists in the small corners of the globe. Members receive an email each day featuring one amazing painting, at an exclusive price. Once you sign up, you
4 Apr 2011

Bespoken Artpieces

Every voice has a distinctive wavelength and frequency, making it one of the most unique identifiers of you as a person. When recorded and converted into visual form, your voice’s sound waves generate a one of a
23 Mar 2011

E-library at Taiwan Airport

Springwise: The e-library, based in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, has four hundred titles in its collection — available in English or Chinese, and in ePub or Zinio formats — which can be read in the airport, but